Black Dram updated with a chapter break image, one about revenants this time. It's weird to think that there are only a few of these left to do...

I really need to stop neglecting my other , especially considering Sverdrak (left) is the most boring of them :|

A quick of sorts!

Even if you hate perspective, you should try to draw more than just the fronts of objects, especially ones made mostly of straight lines.

It looks way more natural and dynamic if the objects you draw have their tops (or bottoms) and one of the sides visible, even if you just guess at the perspective.

Added double-jumping. I also added some rudimentary code for crawling but I can't test it without making a map with areas accessible only via crawling and I am too lazy to do that >>

A new Black Dram page is up! Holy crap, the Blair House in daylight, it's a miracle.

A while back, I wrote an Observer/Subject system in my engine, but didn't use it and didn't even test it. Well, here's a particle emitter that listens for physics collision events and emits a burst of particle every time something hits the ground above a certain speed :D Apparently my Observer code works!

Didn't have much time today, so I decided to code something simple: boxes with rounded corners, for dialogue boxes and menus. The parameters are the size, corner radius, and number of vertices per corner (=how round they are).

I used SFML's ConvexShape class for these, which allows me to give them outlines and set their colours easily.

Playing with associating particle emitters with different layers of the scene. Parallax snow :D!

Not sure I'll have full-on snow particles in the final game since I'm worried about performance (that's a lot of motion to calculate!), but I like the look of it.

My updated!

This comic's been set in autumn for almost years now and this is the first page with falling leaves, whoops.

OC doodle without context 8D

CW: Non-sexual "nudity" and kinda-sorta body horror.

Remembered I could use the colour parameters on these just like I can for pixel particles 8]

...Okay, it's really time for bed.

I needed to test my new sprite-based particle system code but had no particle sprite sheets I could use. This is all I had the brain capacity to draw on short notice; it's past my bed time.

Black Dram updated~ This scene ended about as well as it could have.

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I'll not stop making procedural generators for my game until I run out of things to generate.

This one makes background terrain to go with the trees from before. It currently has a weird bias towards gentle slopes while rising (towards the right) but steep slopes while falling ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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