Almost forgot to update my comic while trying to 100% a video game :'D Today's Black Dram has an almost happy Roy!

Inking is going slow (over an hour in, only one easy panel done), so here's a yet un-inked sad boi from tomorrow's page.

Black Dram updated!
I did this and the next page on stream a couple of days ago, it was pretty fun, despite these being blabby pages.

I'm still playing Symphony of the Night ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I finished up the bestiary last night, and my next goal is to feed my Muramasa(s) lots and lots of blood. So here's some quick sketchy fanart.

Black Dram updated, after what feels like an eternal break! Chapter 9's started.

I'm also streaming some pixel art on Twitch:

My updated! Well, sort of. It's the chapter break image to make the wait for the next chapter a little less boring.

Guess who's been replaying Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and got envious of how that game could flip tiles in more ways than just horizontally?

Adding this was harder than you'd think, because horizontal flipping used to be stored as the tile ID's sign, negative meant h-flipped. I had to rewrite a lot of code to accommodate multiple flipping flags.

Thought I'd try animating a waterfall using a particle emitter instead of tiles. It looks... okay, but it's too noisy for my taste, so I'll try implementing something similar with tiles tomorrow.

I like the dominance of solid colours, I'll keep that.

(Don't mind the invisible tree, I'll lighten up the background later.)

Black Dram updated with the final page of chapter 8!

I'm streaming the chapter break. You can find my stream link with the update, which you should read anyway, so that the stream doesn't spoil you :D

The results of today's stream, a few props for my game. It was a short stream today because for some reason I'm super yawny ;_;

The first half of today was chaotic, so I forgot to tell y'all that my webcomic updated!

Wrote one more tree generating tool today. This one can build branches that aren't confined to a single row of tiles.

Naturally, I cranked the settings up just to see what would happen.

Black Dram updated~! My favourite minor character appears again.

I'm also streaming, come watch me make some tiles!

I love this... thing that my father gave to me to use as a coaster. It'll keep my desk safe from hot food, and it'll keep me safe from anyone I don't like :|

I don't have proper version control, and I don't back up my code nearly often enough, but the back-ups I do have give *a little* indication of what I've been working on and when :D

No idea what happened in 2017, but 2018 has apparently has been busy!

Cutscenes are a thing now! They have trigger zones and trigger conditions (set/unset global flags), and can change global flags when they start and end. Very basic, but I can achieve what I need with them.

They can also have idle animations that play before and after the actual cutscene, which might be useful occasionally. In the gif, the "IDLE" and "END" bits are these idle animations, while "!!!" is the cutscene proper.

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