My Black Dram is FINISHED! The final page is up.

Final page:
First page:

The preorders for the hardcover printed version are open for a few more days!
And now you can read the entire comic before buying the book, if you'd like :]

I can't believe I'm nearly done posting Black Dram update notices D: What will I do on Wednesdays in the future?

Latest page:
First page:

Black Dram updated! Alain finally shares some useful information.

Latest page (spoilers aplenty):
First page:

And there's still some time left to preorder the book, if you're interested!

I could so something productive.

Instead I chose to map a Game Boy Color Barbie game.

Black Dram updated! It's really hard to make spoiler-free update previews when the comic's a handful of pages from the end, y'all :V

Latest page:
First page:

My webcomic Black Dram updated!

And I've launched the preorder page for the Black Dram book! It's a classy 276-page hardcover containing the entire story. Preorder here:

Boosts appreciated!

While waiting for the poll to end, I got the checkpoint stuff done!

I haven't done any of the save point artwork yet, so I'm just using the player animations for both the save point and the save notifications. Everything's a vyt.

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Black Dram updated~ A sad boy is being sad again, so let's ignore him and enjoy some architecture :D

Finally finished what's been keeping me busy and quiet for the past couple of weeks: my maps of the game Blasphemous!

I've sent these off to VGMaps so hopefully y'all can see them soon if interested. No giant whole-game map because they don't actually fit together that well, and because it'd be too massive.

(Marked sensitive for location name/layout spoilers.)

Black Dram updated!

Looking at this page before uploading, I was like, "wow this looks bad. I thought this was one of the better pages, but it's garbo?" Then I looked in my proof book and it looks good there, so I think the book's just spoiled me. I guess you could call it post-librum depression.

Chapter 12 of my has started! We're less than two months away from the end of Black Dram now D8

The final chapter break for Black Dram is up! After this, it's just the (also short) final chapter. Two more months and this comic's over, wow.

This sad chapter of Black Dram is finally wrapping up! This chapter was poorly drawn for some inexplicable reason too, the art gets back to normal with the next one.

Happy new year! I just filled in the final day on my pixel calendar. I got the idea from a user on Twitter, unfortunately I can't find the tweet to credit them properly.

It's... exactly what I expected 😬 Fortunately there weren't too many depressed days!

I made a new sub emote for my Twitch channel yesterday, and it turned out better than expected. Doge in Vytvalen's palette :D

I can't be bothered to redo this painting from 2009, but the one (1) painting I did this year is vaguely comparable :D?

2009 was right before I got into comics, almost everything I've done since then has been comics and pixel art whoops.

Black Dram updated with some sad puppy eyes.

I'm still sorting out the BD books! It's been a constant back-and-forth of "are these even possible" but so far it's leaning towards "yes" :D

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