After making that map, I decided the birches in my game should be orange and shaded, as the silhouettes weren't birch-y enough. An extra layer or two of leaf tiles on top of the base tree works.

Bonus: free parallax/depth!

For this week's challenge, I made a rough map of my WIP game. I have no idea how close the actual game will be to this, but it was fun to try to put all the areas together in a way that makes some spatial sense.

10 colours.

Black Dram updated~ I think this is the first time I've drawn a phone conversation o: In most of my stories, phones aren't even a thing.

Having failed to make my camera play nice with waves, I decided to drown my sorrows in splash particles instead. Particles remedy all ills.

I also added a slight bob to the swimming animation since I can't have a real one.

I made it so the background waves make characters bob in the water when they're at the surface :D

I like the effect, but given the chance, the camera also bobs and it looks awful. If I want to keep this, I'll have to rewrite my camera logic and I don't even know how to approach that ._.

And of course, the entire reason for doing dynamic water instead of tile-based water: spring physics 8D

First gif is with the Dive ability, second is without.

I'll need to change how the impact affects the surface to avoid that big wide glorb where you land in the water, but other than that, it's turning out alright ;3;

I still have no idea how to set the various sin parameters to look nice, but here's one bunch of parameters that works.

The recolouring underwater's pretty gross, I'll have to mess with that later.

I struggle with trigonometry at the best of times, trying to also animate it is a death sentence |D

Naturally, after y'all reblog the climbing gif, I realise I implemented it wrong and it's playing backwards!

Made a climbing animation. It needs transitions to mesh better with the other animations, but that can wait. Animating the last remaining ability, swimming, is more important, as is making some more maps to play in.

Black Dram updated! Somebody's apparently had too much Halloween candy 8]

Nothing particularly new visually, but I've made it so that particle emitters can be specified in Tiled Editor.

I also added proper Force Zones (for things like wind), they affect Actors and can optionally affect particles :3 Don't have a pretty gif with those though.

My updated!

It seems like every Halloween, Black Dram has an unusually UNspoopy scene going on :T

I've got one slot available for the next few hours! $7 for a portrait of any humanoid character in the B&W style I use for my webcomic. I'll have the art done possibly tonight, certainly by noon tomorrow (US EST time).

( is selling Metal Slug 1+X today for $3.50, I want to get them for myself and for a friend, hence the limited time and the price.)

Payment upfront via PayPal, please direct-toot @ me if you're interested!

More progress on my game/engine :D Show more

More progress on my game/engine :D Show more

Black Dram updated <3
New chapter, new location, new cool character we probably won't see past this scene |D

More progress on my game/engine :D Show more

Having the camera glued to the player looks pretty meh, so I decided to add some look-ahead and smoothing. Unfortunately, the two tend to cancel each other out. This is something of a happy medium - a tiny look ahead and fairly snappy smoothing. It definitely feels better than nothing, but I'd really like more look-ahead AND slow, nice motion when changing direction ;_;

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