I procrastinated so hard on pencilling today that I almost forgot to post today's Black Dram update.


I made a font to use in my game, and since I was messing with fonts anyway, might as well stick button prompts in there too :D

After pixelling thousands of Hangul and CJK characters, 94 more is nothing.

Black Dram updated! One last smile from Roy for the road~

(Image TW: hanging-like imagery)


This is what I got to thumbnail today \o/

I guess this means from now on, I have an extra day every week to pencil and/or ink, since I don't have to thumbnail anymore :D

A slightly belated bonus Black Dram update today because I got distracted thumbnailing the last pages of the final chapter and watching a fren play 999 :'D


Got commissioned by @AbeilleFemelle@twitter.com to draw their OCs Casey (left) and Eliot (eel boy, left) o:! When it rains, it pours I guess! Not that I'm complaining. These two were fun, I hope to read more about them soon.

Stream's done! This was a commission for @Fairy_Fort@twitter.com, it's their OC Lajos. This was meant to be a headshot sketch, but I got through the sketch part so quickly, I ended up inking it too :D

Black Dram updated and I guess it's that time in a webcomic's life when a main character's gotta get naked ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Aaay it's update day! A peaceful page BD today though. That can only be a terrible or great sign, nothing in-between.


I started thumbnailing chapter 11 today and it feels so weird. I wasn't expecting to be doing this until the end of this year at the earliest.

Bonus Black Dram update today <3 I start thumbnailing the next (and final!) Roy chapter later today, what a surreal experience.


Here's a Black Dram update! The Sunday updates are making me forget what day of the week it is, it's like I've got two Wednesdays every week.


Black Dram updated~ Morning update today because I need to get thumbnailin' and don't want to forget to update later :'D


I couldn't help myself. I had space for one more tile type in my engine (tile type is encoded as 2 bits, i.e. 0-3, and I was only using 0-2) and I was wondering how to handle the big tilted blocks of rock in my game so... I now have sloped walls :D

Only outward sloping walls are possible, but I'm satisfied with that.

I was so excited at finally having a working options menu in my game that I didn't immediately notice the travesty that is the UI with the current default styles.

Bonus points: The size options are actually 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, Fullscreen. The rest are invisible and can only be selected with keyboard/controller.

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