Since I'm at it, I think I'll do a little thread of first impressions as I try to copy some of my existing presets from Photoshop. I have used it before, but never extensively, and there's been a new major version since. I'm also on a new hard drive, so this is essentially a clean install, what a treat.

Bug? Misaimed feature? On first launch, Krita spanned both my screens, not a very useful arrangement at all. Don't think I've seen any other program do this. I guess it just grabs your desktop resolution and sizes itself to some percentage of it?

The default theme feels nice and familiar from Tiled, is this Qt Fusion?

Opened up a template I made in PS. Works perfectly.

I can pan with MMB, fantastic <3

Eraser mode being a toggle is neat, I think most of the time this is more useful than separate Eraser/Brush modes. I will need to get used to just pressing E instead of two separate buttons though...

Opening files feels a bit slow, but I think it's just because there isn't a big fat progress bar in my face, the time's probably fine.

Two questions:

Is there a way to reset the brush size to the preset size without also resetting everything else? I often use that feature in PS.

Is it possible to set shortcuts for Brush in Eraser Mode, Brush Not in Eraser mode, so that I can quickly swap from other tools? In particular, I often need to go from selecting to erasing or painting, but in Krita it seems like I have to always keep an eye on that global eraser mode toggle.

I love the keyboard shortcut UI. It's sorted nicely, and you can see the default shortcut without having to reset your custom one, which is great for when you want to help someone else.

Also love the offset UI of the Resize Canvas dialog. Clicking an anchor updates the offset, inputting a custom offset hides all the anchor points. You can drag the red box representing your current canvas size to adjust the offset too, and you can click the lock buttons to lock that dragging to respect manually-input values.

I've posted screenshots of it on the Tiled Discord, Tiled could really use this way of dealing with resizing offsets.


usability issue: Detaching the canvas causes the docker panels to get large, and they don't go back to being small when the canvas is reattached D:

If possible, the panel sizes for different detach states should be stored separately, so that their sizes don't get clobbered by detaching the canvas.

To be fair, I can't see myself ever using Detach Canvas so I won't count this against Krita xP

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Ooh I can customise the toolbars o: Is it possible to add custom toolbars without scripting? I'd love to make comics and pixel art toolbars with some common brush presets for each, and then just change which toolbar is visible.

After a lot of poking around, found File > Open existing Document as Untitled Document..., which is even better than PS's Image > Document since you don't have to open and then close the base document :D I use this a lot for my daily sketches.

Oh no. Zooming with the Zoom tool seems to zoom in by some percentage rather than going in increments of 100% (and 1/2^n for zooming below 100%). Scrolling zooms in stable steps, but has a lot of useless intermediates too.

Is it possible to configure the zooming levels somewhere? I can deal with zooming out being weird, but for zooming in, having anything other than increments of 100% is a big slowdown, especially for pixel art.

In Photoshop, you can double-click the Zoom tool in the toolbar to reset the zoom to 100%, very convenient. In Krita I have to either use the dropdown, or a keyboard shortcut to go back to 100% D: Looks like I can add a button to reset the zoom to a toolbar though :D

The zoom tool icon shows a + even if you're holding Alt to zoom out with it. Made me think I had the wrong modifier xP

Speaking of zooming and modifiers: I like to zoom with ctrl+scrollwheel, and scroll vertically with the scrollwheel.

I was able to set this up in Krita too. For zooming it was trivial (add Ctrl to existing shortcuts). For scrolling, I had to add new shortcuts. I got them backwards initially, because the terminology is in terms of the "camera", so Pan Down = Scroll Up.

The panning is a lot slower than I'd like, though, not very useful. Might just have to MMB pan instead.

Panning around an image in Krita is so much nicer than in PS CS6. Quick and clean/unblurred just like CS3 and older were :>

Just noticed that I can control canvas rotation with the little circle in the status bar, neat! Maybe having rotation so easily available might tempt me to use it more.

I can tag brushes o: This should be great, I can make comics, painting, and pixel art tags and never look at my full brush list again xP

Oh, there are even Pixel Art and Paint tags already, neat :3

I'm still putting off actually importing my brushes though 🤣

This zooming thing has me a bit unhappy too :V Bonus weirdness because above 200%, it starts doubling the zoom every other level, but those intermediate levels are still odd values. 200, 282.8, 400, 565.7, 800, 1131, 1600...
I'd much rather see 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 1200, 1600... I spend a lot of my time in the 600-800 range for pixel art.

Haven't actually drawn anything yet, already writing a script.

Two issues:
1. Wow, does even a simple script need an entire plugin file structure? In PS and Tiled, I can just toss my script file in a directory and it works D:

2. Is it possible to set the current tool via scripts? In the PS version of this script, I do some work with a selection, deselect, and change the tool to Brush, makes things seamless for me.

The answers are:
1. Yes, unfortunately. There also needs to be an .action file that includes your created actions if you want to be able to assign shortcuts to them.

2. It is possible by triggering the action associated with the tool you want, but the action names aren't documented in the action dictionary xP

Time to actually import some brush tips from PS and see if I can figure out how to make comparable brushes in Krita...

But first: this? this is good. PS only lets you apply a filter again, but it's great to have a quick way to get back to its dialog too.

Krita's Enhance > Unsharp Mask filter also seems to do a comparable job to Photoshop's Sharpen > Smart Sharpen filter for sharpening inks, though it's a little fiddlier (which is why I use Smart Sharpen and not PS's own Unsharp Mask).

Imported my brush tips from my Photoshop ABR file. Took... a long time to find the "Edit brush settings" button in the toolbar, kept looking in menus instead.

The settings look comparable. I have to add 180 to the rotation to match PS's, simple enough.

Height texture settings are quite different though, took a looot of messing around to get something good. But I got there in the end.

Very happy to see a "Overwrite Brush Preset" button :D

Also: I'm guessing this tooltip is not correct xP

Is it possible to customise the brush cursors beyond what's in the settings? I like the crosshair, but want it a little smaller.

I also can't seem to find a setting to disable the color sampler preview swatches.
There also seems to be a minor bug where the swatches aren't erased when you switch tools until something else triggers a redraw of that area, and the swatches aren't updated if you swap FG/BG colours while using the color sampler.

Krita sorts brushes (and probably other presets?) by name. This means if you want brushes to show up in a certain order, you have to give them weird names. That explains why the default brushes start with a), b), etc.

This makes reordering annoying, especially since there's no way to rename them in the Resource Manager. Tolerable, but I hope that eventually some sort of separate ordering is added so that presets can be dragged and dropped to reorder.

AND you have to restart Krita for the reordering to take effect. Not fun! You have to get the preset's name perfect the first time you save it if you want to avoid restarts.

Contiguous and non-contiguous magic wand is two separate tools, Contiguous Selection Tool and Similar Color Selection Tool. Sensible enough, but feels like a waste of toolbox space.

Fuzziness has a minimum of 1. I'd expect the minimum setting, which requires exact matches, to be 0.

The Fill Tool has no non-contiguous mode, so if you want to replace all instances of a colour, a common task in pixel art, you have to use the Similar Color Selection Tool first, and then Fill. Not great.

The Line tool requires you to use a brush, for you have to keep a square brush around if you want to draw simple blocky lines.

Shape Tools don't work that well with such a brush, necessitating selections + Stroke Selection.

Stroke Selection is always centered, there is no option for inside or outside stroke, this makes precision strokes difficult, and sharp corners practically impossible except through the Stroke Layer Style, which does have an Inside option.

Would be nice if double-clicking the thumbnail of a layer brought up Layer Styles. Layer > Layer Style and right click > Layer Style is rather slow. Similarly, miss ctrl+click on the thumbnail to Select Opaque (Replace) and shift+ctrl+click to Select Opaque (Add), I need those often.

There's no option like PS's Fill that lowers the opacity of the layer's contents but not layer styles. For fill 0%, a white layer on Multiply works just as well, but sometimes other fill levels are useful too.

It's late, I've spent all day exploring Krita and haven't actually drawn my daily sketch yet :'D

Unfortunately my conclusion is that while PS CS6 is death by a thousand annoyances, Krita is death by a thousand UX inefficiencies. There are only a few things I need that it outright can't do, but there are a lot of common (for me) tasks that take too many clicks or require workarounds to accomplish. I can only fit so many shortcuts within reach of my keyboard-hand.

Summary of today's findings:
Actual problems: Text tool. Can't hide Color Sampler preview. Zoom tool is weird. No HSV sliders.

UX gripes: No quick click-based access to Layer Styles and Select Opaque. Can't set style opacity higher than layer opacity. Can't reorder brushes except by changing name+restarting. Can't Stroke Selection Inside/Outside. Big Undos are slow.

Misc: Incorrect tooltip for "Invert Pattern" in brush texture settings. "Select a Color" hue ring changes saturation.

It took me two days to find how to create a new Krita Brush from scratch rather than by modifying the currently selected brush preset.

I didn't notice the Presets panel in the Brush Editor because it's collapsed by default. Even after I noticed it, I didn't immediately see the big + button at the bottom (that one's on me).

The Brushes page of the manual doesn't mention anything about creating brushes from scratch that I could find, that would've been helpful :'D

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@eishiya The dockers do store their size internally, but for some reason they don't get restored correctly, and we suspect bugs in qMdiArea. We want to replace it and the dockers with KDAB's solution, problem is just finding the time to make the swap.

@eishiya No, custom toolbars aren't possible. Afaik the reason is that the toolbar system is somewhat sensitive.

You can however very easily make a docker and add all sorts of buttons and toggles on it, including the option to select certain brushes etc, but that does require scripting.

for the base document, you can also create a template from any given kra file, but maybe the open existing method is easier for you.

@Wolthera Aye, for these sketches it's definitely easier, since the base file I want to use changes regularly. I will probably look into creating a template for my comic pages though, since that doesn't change.

Can I use a PSD as a base, or does it have to be a KRA? All my other comics-related programs read PSD, so I'd prefer to keep as much of my files in PSD as I can.

@eishiya I think for the templates Krita just saves a fresh kra if you used any other fileformat as the base. Mind, the templates are stored in the resource folder in a very specific folder, so hence why I think your preexisting setup will proly be using 'open existing' instead of the templates.

@Wolthera I'm no stranger to scripting and I suspect I'll have to port some of my PS scripts, so I guess I can look into writing a custom docker at some point xP

@eishiya Nope, ancient issue. You don't have to use the zoom tool however, you can just use +/- for zooming.

@Wolthera I like to use the zoom tool, as what I often do is drag to select an area I want to fit on my screen, and then zoom in to get it to the nearest clean multiple.

When I'm using the stylus, I use my tablet to zoom, it's configured with +/- from PS already xP But -/+ have the same issue as scrolling - annoying intermediate values between multiples of 100% D:

@eishiya you don't need to change tools to edit the selection, it's just under document.selection() (see Note that there's currently no way to select stuff that isn't a rectangle though.

For smaller scripts I use the scripter. Need for plugin structure has to do with code architecture.

@Wolthera Oh no, I mean I *want* to switch the tool. I'd make my selection with the magic wand, then the script will do work on it, and then I want the script to take care of switching back to Brush for me, so I don't have to xP I've got the actual work all done, it's just switching tools I'd like to add.

I need to put this script on hotkey and I'll be using it a *lot*, so I think I need to do the whole thing where I package it as a plugin and give it an .action file so I can hotkey it.

@eishiya if literally only switching the tools is what you want, you should just invoke actions. there's actions to switch between tools. the action for the magic wand is named "KisToolSelectContiguous" and "KritaShape/KisToolBrush" for the switching to the freehand brush tool.

@Wolthera Thank you, this is exactly what I want! I looked around for these values but couldn't find them in the action dictionary.

@eishiya yeah, I had to go into the code to figure them out. The action dictionary is super impressive, and I kinda want something that does the same for the regular manual, but it does seem some files got skipped over.

The guy who is responsible for it is currently porting our wordpress site over to hugo, so I'll delay annoying him over it. :p

@Wolthera Fair enough :3 Thanks for finding them for me!

It woooorks, thank you! I ended up not having space to actually describe what the heck I'm doing before: it's a script I use to speed up filling spot blacks when inking. After drawing an enclosed area, I can magic wand it, and the script will grow the selection by a few pixels, fill it with the foreground colour, deselect, and then go back to the Brush tool so I can keep painting. It's saved me a boatload of time in PS.

@eishiya w-what happened to those fonts? That "I" in Window is very sad

I have no idea. Tiled, another Qt-based program, also has crummy-looking menu fonts on Windows 10 for me. Some letters are also cut off slightly, like "B".
I suspect it's some issue related to anti-aliasing - in Tiled, fonts that are aliased look perfect, at least.
It might also be related to ClearType (subpixel text rendering) being disabled, who knows.

@eishiya Nope, the cursors are hardcoded pixmaps. Color samplers cannot be turned off as far as I know.

As for the swatch redraw thing, this is the first time I hear of it. I can't seem to reproduce it here in any case.

@Wolthera Maybe it's a Windows + hardware acceleration thing.

I can get used to the large crosshair, but the color sampler swatches are very annoying and block a chunk of the area I'm most interested in while sampling. Surprisingly there doesn't seem to be an issue open about that, this seems like something that really ought to have an option in the tool settings.

I'm also surprised that there's not an issue open about the zoom levels. Do people not zoom in beyond 200%? xP

@eishiya people use the program differently, I once requested someone else to make an adjustment for pixel art and they implemented it, only to read thread upon thread that nobody did pixelart like that (I am a nobody apparently). Similarly, I don't switch zoom levels that often, so when doing pixelart I just hang in 400% or 800% and don't really notice the other zoom levels.

@Wolthera Aye, workflows get pretty wild. I often toggle between 100~200% and whatever zoom I need for drawing on (600~800%), even when I'm using multiple views. The default zoom levels make that very annoying.

500% is the zoom level that's used in most of my games, so being able to get to that with a few scroll wheel clicks is pretty useful too.

Zoom levels based on root 2 are just wild to me in general. I guess it makes for a smooth-feeling zoom when you just scroll, though.

@Wolthera I thought I'd have a go at scripting a custom zoomer for funsies, but it looks like zooming is way more complicated in Krita than I thought. At some point the zoom requested by the GUI (e.g. via the status bar widget) is multiplied by values that depend on whether "Use same aspect as pixels" is enabled, plus some other value(s).

I take it there's no simple way to get at this information and that I should use my time on something more productive? xP

@Wolthera Er, for clearer context: I'm getting the value using canvas.zoomLevel().

*Setting* the zoom level using canvas.setZoomLevel() works exactly as expected, but I need to know the current zoom level to know what to set it to. setZoomLevel(2.0) or setting it to 200% via the GUI produces zoomLevel() 2.5000000000002 in print size mode, and 16.666666666668 in native pixels mode. Fun xP

@Wolthera Magic constants to the rescue 🤣 Since I have to assume one mode or the other (I assume native pixels mode), this script isn't robust enough to make public, but at least I get my lovely zoom :3

While trying to hotkey it, I noticed that while I can set + and - as the hotkeys, using them still uses the default zoom, and there's no way to unset them. I have to use Ctrl++ and Ctrl+-, which I can unset from the default zoom.

@eishiya + and - are set in the canvas input setting, so you will have to unset them there. The reason these systems are seperate is because the regular input settings have nothing for tablets but we haven't figured out how to merge them.

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@eishiya there's an MR for the select a color thing to switch between non-changing hue ring and changing one, but it's part of a bigger MR, and that's blocked by some stuff that I have to look at, but I am working on documentation/release notes for 5.1 and the text tool, so that's going to wait a bit.

5.1 has hsv sliders.

Layer style and stroke selection stuff has never been brought up by anyone else. Maybe make a request at for those?

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@eishiya so, this was actually discussed during the massive refactor for 5.0... but by the end of the 5.0 cycle (which has taken several years at that point) we were mostly focused on getting it ready and we decided afterwards we'd all avoid resource work for a while.

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