Decided late last night I should make a pixel font that resembles Latin Textura manuscripts, scribal abbreviations and all.

Coming up with rules in the font to automatically use the abbreviations was pretty fun. Making vector versions of all the letters was not.

I want to add Arabic numerals and maybe have a go at some other abbreviations that aren't too difficult, and then I hope to release this font on OGA or something. This font is about as niche as it gets, but without the ligatures and kerning, it should be pretty usable as a general Textura-esque font.

I finished the font! You can download it on OpenGameArt for use in your own projects:

In addition to just looking cool (because Textura is always cool), it can optionally (and if your art program supports it) automatically apply a bunch of abbreviations and variants to make Latin text look more authentic.

Added a Condensed version too :> The space between vertical strokes within each letter is 1px in this one instead of 2px. It's easier to read in some cases, and harder in others.

For a manuscript look, mix both, based on how much you need to fit on a given line. This would've been very helpful when I was putting together the fancy example image last night ._.

@eishiya this looks really cool! Now I wish I had a project where I could use it.

@tuturto I also have no projects that can use this >: Clearly we all need a medieval/renaissance-themed fantasy RPG side project...

@Glueblade That would require a whole new font, this style of writing wasn't used in ancient Rome, it's medieval thing D:

@eishiya holy carp this is such a stunning font! I need to think of a reason to use it ...

@vicorva I can't take the credit for the design, I only took prettiness developed by medieval scribes and made it tiny :'D

@eishiya finally, i can say "cock n balls" but fancy

@eishiya hi ! very cool, it's actually a good addition to "Lord of the Test" game/mod in #Minetest
I used a size of 18 when on a full HD screen but the pixelated effect remains somehow (at 12 it's too small, 24 too big for my taste )

(I had to change the minetest.conf file, don't know how in a mod, but 'it works'(tm) ;p )

probably pixtura12 can be of use in #godotengine projects too

@Olm_e I'm surprised it holds up at 150%! it does seem a nice fit though.

Looking around, there seems to be a font called Stgotic Textura, which aims for a similar look but at around an 18px size, perhaps that could be worth a look for you!

@eishiya This looks great, and I'm always a fan of ligature abuse


a) I love everything about this, great work!

b) I had to giggle at your example of "fjord" as a ligature word in this context <3

@rixx It was the first word I thought of with "fj" in it. There are separate fi and fj ligatures xP

@eishiya Gorgeous! Adding to my collection for if I ever make a game that it would suit!

@eishiya Oh wow, this is cool as heck! So wait, that's /vector/ pixels, not a bitmap font?

@topaz It's both! It contains a bitmap, but since many programs these days don't support bitmap fonts, it also contains a blocky vector outline. If you use the correct size (12px) and disable antialiasing, it gives the same look as the bitmap.

@eishiya This is awesome ! I practice calligraphy and I like pixel art and the idea of mixing both of them is still somewhere in my head. Thank you for making this idea concrete. It is very beautiful !

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