First world problem 

I'm mooching someone's Amazon Prime Video and some of the films they have are "Free with Ads", and wow they are unwatchable. At least ad breaks on telly are manually placed during act breaks or at least scene breaks*, but on Prime Video they'll just start mid-sentence. I've not been able to get through a single film like this, I bounce off at the first ad.

* At least they were when I last watched telly, many years ago. I *hope* there's still some manual editing going on.

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First world problem 

@eishiya I was always low-key annoyed when I was watching things that obviously had been cut into sections to allow ad breaks, but that sounds even more annoying

@Glueblade Same, but mid-scene ads are way worse because they basically make the entire scene go out the window since you can't process it as a whole.

@eishiya The one thing that's worse was one service I watched a few things on that had ads at randomly selected times and it'd always show an ad when you went past that timestamp, so if you e.g. didn't catch something a character said because they got cut off mid-sentence, you couldn't just go back by 10 seconds to listen to it again

First world problem 

@eishiya sometimes, when I watch streaming services like that, I keep thinking to myself 'oh, what is the point of this, I am seeing the same ad over and over and it's not helping my viewing experience', only to realize, of course, it's to bully me into taking a subscription... but that doesn't sound like it'd be a thing for your case???

@Wolthera I think it IS that, because Amazon are greedy fucks.

Prime gives you access to part of the catalogue, but there are also "channels" that are separate subscriptions that piggyback off Amazon's infrastructure, and their content is available to watch for free with ads whether you pay for Prime or not.

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