Are there any pixel art editors out there that have tile support AND have good *tileset* management tools?

Pyxel Edit does not. I haven't tried the Aseprite 1.3 beta, but it seems like tileset management is an afterthought in that too.

I make tilesets for gamedev, layout matters. I need to be able to put tiles into fixed arrangements that I can then move around and edit in groups. I need to be able to leave gaps.

...without having to duplicate the entire tileset in the main document :/


I find myself using Photoshop, of all things, for most of my tile work, because I find managing complex tilesets more efficient in it, despite the utter lack of tools to improve the testing of tiles in it.

The great previewing and editing tools in Pyxel Edit just do not make up for the very basic tileset management, so I barely use it >:

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@eishiya I remember something that used to have it in a very very distant past... Couldn't tell you the name. :(

But yeah, the tools for this are surprisingly lacking, and it always makes me suspect a lot of pixel art editors are there for the aesthetic, and not actually used within gamedev context...

(I also recall that for zelda and other snes games, they actually did the planning of the tileset with pencil on paper)

@Wolthera Maybe DPaint? I know GrafX2 lets you toggle a tileset effect so you can manage a tileset using its full suite of tools or test tiles all in one document, which seems like a better approach than Pyxel Edit's and Aseprite's for gamedev work.

Aseprite and PyxelEdit are used by devs, but mostly for animation I think. They have two very different but equally effective approaches to it. But for tilesets, they seem to take the same, non-gamedev-oriented approach...

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