Film idea: Courtroom drama about an hobbyist lockpicker accused of stealing a lot of documents and money, which were taken without a trace from their place of work. The accused can't help but excitedly spew lockpicking and bypass trivia, and everything out of their mouth is incriminating, the only thing saving them is that they're not on the stand and most of their remarks are struck from the record.

Feat. a TOOOL member as an expert witness, exasperatedly trying to explain locksport.

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The lawyer discovers a new hobby and goes on to have a successful YouTube career.

@arefgee If there's an actual movie like this and you remember what it is, please tell me. I want to watch it.

@eishiya I only know of the actual youtuber. No idea if they stole anything. But, I though that's what you were joking about, 'LockPickingLawyer'. :-p

@arefgee Ah. Only in the second comment :D

The first part is entirely genuine, I want a movie about a hobbyist lockpicker who can't keep their mouth shut and their picks put away ;o;

@eishiya ...then gets hired by Sharon Stone for a job, but gets framed by her as solely responsible.

@arefgee I was imagining the picker as entirely innocent, framed by their manager, the heist worthy of a film in its own right, relying entirely on lax security practices outside of work hours.

No one believes it could be them since there are cameras, security logs, etc with no records of the manager's access.

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