Python as its designers intended: Beautiful, easy to read even for those not very familiar with the language.

Python as actually used:
What is this. Where does one thing end and the next begin.

(Guess who's doing some porting!)

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Porting update: I got my script done enough to be able to start testing whether it functions correctly, only to be stopped dead in my tracks by an undocumented gap in the destination scripting API. I can't actually output the data because ~*reasons*~.

Scripting is an adventure.

(I can output it in other, much less user-friendly ways, but I want to see if I can poke the maintainer to add the missing output functionality first.)

@eishiya To be fair though, isn't that always the case when porting code? Just the context switch alone can be a headache :)

@Wolthera That is true, but Python code in the wild is just so damn hard to read for me even when I don't have to port it.

Really, this is true of most languages, but Python is one of the few where a much greater degree of clarity is (supposedly) possible, which makes messes more disappointing. With something like C++, I'm prepared for a mess so it doesn't bother me as much.

(I also just don't get on with whitespace-defined blocks, I feel lost without delimiters.)

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