Our game jam project is out \o/ This has been keeping me busy for a while.

A Game Boy survival game where you choose what you'll do each day as you try to survive a lasting darkness full of monsters.

Download the ROM, or play in your browser here:

Even though we haven't been crunching on this game and the work's been divided up nicely, I still feel tired. I'm ready for a short break from gamedev ;o;

@eishiya Super cool! It reminds me of Gods will be Watching. Managed to survive for 36 days then died brutally :D
Love the art style, great job!

@silverweed Thank you!

H0lyhandgrenade, who's responsible for most of the design, was inspired in part by Gods Will Be Watching :D Good catch!

@silverweed Oh, and I saw your review!

We had trouble informing the player in-game how the tasks worked, with how little space is available. In-game tutorials just didn't feel good. In typical Game Boy fashion, we put it in the manual (the page).

The monsters are indeed meant to be something you get a feel for as you play, possibly over multiple runs. The game never gives you perfect information to base decisions on in combat or out, it's all gut feeling, accumulated experience.

@eishiya Fantastic work! I just played a session in my browser and made it up to day 52. The atmosphere is really great in this, I was surprised how heartwrenching it was to loose characters. Will certainly be coming back to this one!

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