Shower thought: I wonder what sort of service other people have set as their default browser search engine.

Didn't have enough poll options for "other", so please feel free to vote by replying :D

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To clarify: This is about the search engine that's used by default if you type something other than a URL into the address bar or search bar, NOT what you have set as your home page.

@eishiya personal start page woth links out to various services

@y0x3y So you just don't use the search bar at all? Fair.

@eishiya a metasearch engine like a searx instance usually

@eishiya is my default, or other searx my 2nd option, if necessary.

@eishiya With bang searches, DDG is basically all of these in one. I use them from my search bar all the time to get directly to Wikipedia, Wiktionary, eBay and other shopping sites, various specialty wikis, lyrics...

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