If you find some cool art via RedBubble, Etsy, TeeSpring, etc: Don't buy it! There's a very high chance it's stolen, and your money will NOT go to the artist.

Take a moment to check the artist's pages elsewhere and see that you're looking at one of their own listings, or if they have their stuff elsewhere.

If you can't find the artist via the shop page, then it's almost certainly stolen, please don't buy it, save your money for something else.

@eishiya Off-topic, sorry: Have you ordered stuff from Redbubble? If so gow was the quality? I printed my own stickers with them once and the quality was atrocious, worse than if I had done it on my cheap home-printer

@jfml I have not, sorry. I have heard from others that their quality is pretty bad though.

@eishiya No worriesn So my experience seems not have been a one if then ... +__+

@IceWolf @eishiya TeeSpring even had bots that stole art everytime someone tweeted under an art that they wanted that on a shirt.

@Genstar @IceWolf @eishiya

I was toying with the idea of doing some prints of my work via Deviant Art, and now I wonder if that's a terrible idea, too.

Anyone? [sigh]

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