Complaining about Windows and Windows users 

I feel Microsoft's decision to make Windows hide file extensions by default has made the average Windows user ignorant of how files work in general.

It has made providing tech support to Windows users of various software harder. They're only able to understand instructions using their specific file names because they don't understand the file types.

Well-designed software should gently guide users towards greater knowledge, not hide it.

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Complaining about Windows and Windows users 

@eishiya The hidden extensions can be a security risk too; you think you're opening "cv.pdf", but it is in fact "cv.pdf.exe"…

@theremin Yeah. Don't even need the .pdf in there, could just make it cv.exe and it would be hard to tell.

Microsoft might think that the file type column and associated program's icon are there to prevent that, but there's no file type information in icon view, and file icons are easy enough to spoof for an executable :/

Complaining about Windows and Windows users 

I fiddle with very few default settings on customer computers, but this is one I do flip. Even if it only gives a marginal chance that a user may not be tricked to running a malicious file, it's worth taking.

Complaining about Windows and Windows users 

@eishiya This reminds me of the more general topic of tech that enables users more, less, or both at the same time.

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