Trying out for newsletters and I love the way they set up rich text editing. Instead of switching editors or forcing one, it's just "Show toolbar" and "show markdown preview" as checkboxes. Clean, quick, respects your intelligence.

I wish more sites did it like this instead of complicating it in the interest of presenting a "fool-proof" UI.

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Discourse (forum software) has a nearly identical set-up with a toolbar and the preview, but you can't disable either, so even if you're a Markdown wiz you still have to deal with the clutter and laggy preview.

And in addition to Markdown, Buttondown supports HTML, which is great because I can never remember the correct syntax for links in MD, but I'll never forget <a href="url">link text</a>.

@eishiya The correct syntax for links is the reason to love MD for me. Bc []() is easy to learn and understand for any newbe.

@reticuleena One would think so! But I always forget which style of brackets goes on which part and whether the link text or the link URL comes first, so the HTML is easier for me :'D

My confusion about it is extra amusing because I routinely use square brackets to group words when [regular English grammar] just don't do, and MD does the same thing with its link text, and yet in my brain I just can't seem to make that connection and always doubt myself when I try to do links in MD.

@eishiya :D
I confess I needed some time to remember ist its []() or ()[]. But now my brain has learned it :)

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