@Krita Does Krita have some way to contribute towards development on a specific feature, or to outright sponsor a feature?

I'd like to buy some love for the Text Tool if I can.

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@eishiya Only if you're a large company and have money in the ten thousands; individual users can't give earmarked donations. But there are plans to have 1-2 people working on the text tool full-time after the release of Krita 5 later this year.

@Krita Makes sense. I guess dealing with a bunch of earmarked donations in the tens and hundreds would be more hassle than it's worth.

I'm very glad to hear that work on the tool is already planned though! The text tool's been the biggest obstacle for me to using Krita for my work.

@Krita @eishiya

I'm glad to read that the text tool will be getting some focus. :) Thanks!

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