Good morning, happy Thursday!

Let's exchange some wisdom today ^.^ :frida_y_animalitos:

Share a piece of advice, or a tip, from your preferred style of working. It could be something you wished you'd known when you started out, a nifty hack you've discovered yourself that others could benefit from - anything you think might be useful to people starting out in that field!

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(PS-centric, I thiink CSP has cool features bypassing this issue) 

@Curator When flatting (colouring in linework), to avoid spending ages using lasso/brush I tend to use fill (cmd/alt backspace for fg/bg colour) if my linework has enough closed lines. I think this is generally frowned upon because of the gap that can appear between line and colour. BUT selecting with wand/magic lasso then going to Select > Modify > Expand (or Contract) in the menu circumvents this. I've set these up as Actions.

@sajan This is generally frowned upon also because the *colours* have gaps between them underneath the lines, which can show up in print as duller lines or as white when the lines are slightly offset from the colour plates.

I use a script to expand+fill+deselect just like this that I use for doing big spot blacks in inks, but unfortunately it's not ideal for flatting. For that, selections that take nearby flats into account are needed.


@sajan There's a PS plugin called Flatten Pro that will take your "finished" flats done this way (or by bucket-filling aliased lines) and expand the colours until they meet, but unfortunately it costs as much as CSP.

For print-ready flatting though, as long as you start your selections from the background/larger objects and select all the inner bits (a quick Lasso will do it usually) before you fill, you'll be fine :D Select, expand, lasso contained smaller bits, fill, deselect, repeat.

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@eishiya also yes! I tend to do this anyway as it's just how I colour, but there's usually one (/however many) blob layers beneath the colours

@sajan That should work :D My would-be-blobs (backgrounds) are usually too high contrast for this to work, unfortunately ;o;

...I hate doing colour for print so much.

@eishiya i'm toying with the idea of making some pitchable comics stuff this year so this is super good to know, thanks!! I think I tend to muddy and distress my pieces with all kinds of textures etc so it's not usually a problem, but definitely noting that indesign prep for future projects!

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