A drawback to having my own Discord server is I post my WIPs there, feel like my social media quota is filled, and neglect to post anything anywhere that people can actually see it 8D

Finally starting to draw the humans of the village in Vytvalen. There aren't even that many but I'm dreading drawing and animating them.

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@eishiya Oh that looks very interesting! Is this a game in development? Already published?

@thiriumheart Thanks! It's a personal project still in development. It feels nearly done because it's been fully playable for ages, but I still have a lot of art I need to do - lots of props (including all those humans), a few backgrounds, and all the cutscenes. I've been putting all of this work off for months :'D

@eishiya Ohh I see! This looks really intriguing I'd love to see more of it. Are you planning on publishing it on Steam?

@thiriumheart Thank you ;~; Here are a few recent-ish posts about it:

It's a small exploration game, with Metroidvania-like progression but no combat.

I haven't signed up as a developer on Steam yet, but I would like to have the game available there if I can :D

@eishiya I was going to point out that there's totally people on your discord server, but on second thought I'm not entirely sure about that

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