I'm actually curious about TLOU, for the Infected are they gonna port in the 3D models and work off that? how would that porting process work??? Textures etc would have to be updated and maybe treated differently for TV


@chengeling Same!

I'd imagine Naughty Dog still have the sculpts they generated the normal maps from and the TV team could do something with those, re-rigging them (or new derivatives of them) to suit whatever animating tools they use.

I'd also not be surprised if they rebuilt all the models from scratch using the originals as reference, since they'd probably want to tweak the designs for TV and the specific shots they want anyway.

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@eishiya yeah! I’ve asked a few vfx friends and it’s highly likely that they remake everything from scratch. Here’s hoping they still get the OG highpoly sculpts to use as reference point though

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