I'd like to make a small 3D waking sim/puzzle game one day but I don't know where to begin!

I have experience making 2D games, and I get how 3D movement and colliders work. I have some very basic experience modelling and texturing 3D. But, I have no idea how to begin creating placeholder and final assets for a 3D game. Unfortunately, my skillset is the inverse of what every resource I've seen assumes the reader has :'D

Would love some tips and resources more suited to my 2D experience!

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I realize I should probably make some games with stock 3D assets to get a better feel for how they work as part of the whole, but I have such an art-first approach to games that I just can't stay interested when stock art is involved ;_;

@eishiya the godo game engine comes with example templates that generally contain some really basic assets and a small demo for each of their use cases, 2.5D and 3D games is among them.

@ckeen Aye, I guessed as much :D

I don't have Godot currently, but next time I download it, I'll make sure to check out the 3D demo project instead of just sticking to 2D in it.

On a related note, how is Godot for 3D games these days? Last I heard anyone speak of it in a 3D context, it was to say the 3D engine isn't as ready for serious use as the 2D part, but that was some time ago.

(tbh, Godot's node-based approach runs counter to how I tend to think so I'm not a big fan of it ;_; )

@eishiya I haven't used it for a 3d game, I just had a look at the templates as I wanted to get a feel for it for a 2d game.
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