HDD data recovery help? 

HDD died, NTFS Master File Table got corrupted. Windows Recovery tools, chkdsk and dd choke on it. There weren't many personal files on this partition and I am resigned to reinstalling Windows, but there are a few things I'd like to recover, such as my Firefox profile. Any software recs for Windows or Linux to help? I will connect the HDD to another machine so it doesn't need to be bootable.

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An update on this: Got everything copied over... somehow...? Didn't need to do any deep recovery, the data I actually needed wasn't in the corrupted blocks.

New system's all set up, just need to install a few more programs and I'm all set!

The real road block turned out to be Adobe's license servers for CS3 shutting down at some point in the last 4 years 🙃

HDD data recovery help? 

When you say died, do you mean you can't start windows? How about downloading a Linux iso and booting from that?

@lps Already did that, hence listing dd as something I've tried. The relevant partition is nigh unreadable due to a corrupted MFT and multiple bad sectors, hence needing to find some specialised tools. Fortunately other replies recommended a few specific programs to try :D

@eishiya I'm not sure if these would help, but they may have recovery tools on them as well and

@lps An extra attempt with dd got me everything. Thanks for your continued help though!

HDD data recovery help? 

@eishiya what error does dd give?

HDD data recovery help? 

@eishiya Testdisk for recovering the partition tables; Photorec and/or Recuva to recover files. Ddrescue might work as well.

(Although there's no guarantee how much, if anything, can be recovered…)

@theremin @eishiya
+1 for ddrescue because your already saying you have bad blocks.
+1 for testdisk as well if the partition table is gone as well.

Tell ddrescue to try only 5 times for re-reading bad blocks and save to an image, dont remodify the drive. I normally choose something low for the retrying so it doesn't add too much wear and tear on the blocks around them.

Then mount the image and see what you can read.

@ticoombs The partition table is fine, and I was even able to copy the contents of one normally (albeit slowly), it's just the one partition that's really bad. Will see about trying ddrescue first, then recuva. Thanks!

@ticoombs Just as an update, I got lucky and regular ol' dd was able to get just about everything, somehow. I'm about as recovered as can be. Thanks for the pointers!

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