Krita text tool questions 

How do I change the font units to pixels? I work a lot with pixel fonts and point sizes don't play nicely with those.

How do I change the way fonts are rasterized? Sometimes I really don't want anti-aliasing (e.g. for pixel art fonts, and for text on things I plan to print).

The 4.4 documentation doesn't mention either feature, so I guess it's impossible?

While looking these up, I saw that text tool improvements are planned for 5.0, exciting!

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Krita text tool questions 

@eishiya you have to go into the SVG tab and change the PT to PX. As for the rest, unfortunately our vector layers live in a different coordinate system from the main raster layers, and while different rendering styles is not impossible technologically, it might be hard to sus out how the wires should go.

Krita text tool questions 

@eishiya Yeah, uh, part of the problem is that our vector layers have a weird way of handling DPI, which @tiar was looking at, so pixel size is also not terribly useful.

@Wolthera I see, thanks for the info.

On a related note, thank you for your consistent helpfulness! Krita isn't in a place yet where I can make it my main art software, but thanks to you I can wait <3

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