Are there any games more recent than Binding of Isaac where the random abilities you find stack in interesting, sometimes overpowered ways like they do in that game? Different builds felt *very* different in that game, and I haven't found any newer games that scratch that itch. Slay the Spire's relics sometimes had a glimmer of that variety, but not enough.

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@eishiya Noita, Enter the Gungeon, Risk of rain 2 and hades to some extent. But still, all of those games don't really come close to having as many interactions between powerups as isaac had tbh

@Bibus Enter the Gungeon and Hades and while they're good, they don't even blip on that synergy meter for me ): I should play more EtG though, I don't think I've given it enough time.

Risk of Rain 2 and Noita are games I've heard good things about, but haven't sought out for unrelated reasons. Maybe I should.

I'd not heard of Monster Train! I might see if my TCG game fren would like it, they're more into that sort of thing than I am, and tend to know whether I'd like a game :'D

@eishiya If u had to choose between noita and risk of rain tho I would totally recomment ror more, also if u won't find any interest in those there is a still another dlc coming for isaac in early 2021 xd

@Bibus I've actually not touched Isaac in quite a while, so I doubt I'll be getting the DLC :'D After 700 hours in the original game, I feel I've had enough, and I never really clicked with Rebirth despite giving it 100+ hours of a shot.

@eishiya I mean mood af, but I'm still going to check it out, cuz if they really r merging antibirth with all of the previous stuff + even more new things, it could be a whole new experience really 😳

@eishiya Also I heard the monster train had some similar mechanics but I never played it myself

@eishiya Dead Cells and Hades might be what you are looking for

they have the qualities mentioned

@packetcat I've played a lot of Hades, and while I enjoy it, it definitely doesn't feel like it has that sort of synergy. The synergies are all very simple and largely numerical. It doesn't scratch that itch at aaaall for me ):

Is Dead Cells similar to Hades in this regard, or is it more varied?

@eishiya hmm Dead Cells ability builds can be quite varied run to run and can stack in different ways sometimes creating overpowered builds.

though I suppose its numerical like Hades, mostly about stacking DPS and applying status effects to enemies

@packetcat Aw >: I'd still like to try Dead Cells some time though, since obviously synergies aren't the only way to make a great game, and since it sounds like the stacking might more interesting than in Hades. (It also seems to do a lot of other things well!)

@eishiya highly recommend it, Dead Cells and Hades are two of my most favourite rogue lites

@eishiya I think that The Madness of Little Emma had that to some extent. There's no other games that come to mind with that extent of ability interactions though...

@pyredrid I haven't heard of this one! I don't tend to get on with challenging platformers, but since there's a demo and synergies are listed as a feature, I'll at least try it :D Thank you!

@eishiya Crypt of the Necrodancer has some wonderful combos, my favorite being a rapier + ring of courage.

@eishiya (that's just vanilla CotND, haven't tried Cadence of Hyrule or the DLC)

@grainloom A friend bought me this game years ago but I haven't gotten around to actually trying it! Thanks for the rec, sounds like I should bump it up higher on the to-play list.

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