I made a little thing trying to explain a couple things about perspective that I've ripped my hair out over in the past. It's probably not 100% accurate but these rules of thumb have helped me a tonne. Maybe it'll help one of you fine people as well.

Make sure you middle click to open the image in a new tab if you want to read it without a magnifying glass :)


@MalevolentRaven Mastodon imposes a max size on images, so even at "full" size, the top row isn't really legible D:

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@MalevolentRaven Yep, it does. Would be super weird and borderline useless if it didn't xP

Another solution would've been to upload this as three images - the intro, the 1-4, and then the last two.

An external link is the easiest solution if you've already got it split up like this though :D Thanks!

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