Thoughts on humans.txt 

With how often my website gets requests for humans.txt compared to its content, I refuse to believe those come from actual humans.

But this is also why I think the entire humans.txt idea is sad. Most humans only look for the info they'd find in humans.txt on the pages of the website itself. We need to normalize crediting contributors and showing signs of humanity on the pages, not in some half-secret file that only bots are likely to access.

Thoughts on humans.txt 

@eishiya I suspect a lot of that is also derived from the way brochures don't have any author information on them, and a lot of websites are basically glorified brochures.


@Wolthera Makes sense. I want brochures to include credit too. If they can fit all their creepy fine print, they can fit the names of their writers, designers, project managers, artists, and photographers.

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