Had another go at the waterfalls in my game. I couldn't get anything tile-based to look good enough, and last time, particles weren't performant enough.

Today I realised that if I make the particles *really big*, I can get away with way fewer of them while still keeping the flow visually dense.

@eishiya Oh wait, you're making a game? Are you considering adding features so that blind people can play it? The description is great, of the Gif. :)

@devinprater I can't imagine how I could. The art is its main feature, and the gameplay is 2D exploration with light platforming, which is also very visual. I don't think I can make any of that remotely functional with sound alone.

The important parts rely on high value contrast in the hope people with mild vision difficulties and colour blindness could still enjoy it, but I don't think I can make it accessible to blind people.

@eishiya Platforming could be done with sound, just have a sound source play at the platform's position, source pitch decreases when character jumps over its level, stuff like that. That's how its done in audio games like that.

@devinprater Ah, that makes sense! With how many platforms and interactive objects are often on the screen at once and how basic my audio engine is, I don't think I could manage that for this game, unfortunately.

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