I released my big pixel font under the Open Font License! 19k+ characters with full Hangul and good Chinese/Japanese support in addition to a hefty set of European characters.

It's meant for pixel art games to make localisation easier, but you're welcome to use it for anything you like.

Download the TTF file and view additional notes if you're curious:

I've also made LanaPixel available on Open Game Art, thanks to @povoq for reminding me about it.

Since OGA doesn't support the Open Font License, I've listed it under CC-BY 4.0. You can choose either license.

@eishiya Wow, this looks great! Translation is a real concern of mine, and I'd love to use this for my adventure game! 😄

@sean I'd love to see it if you do!

I've been using this font for my own WIP game and not having to worry about fonts for different languages is so good.

They look awesome!

Do they happen to support the two Hungarian accents, ő and ű (in case your browser/client font doesnʼt support it, they are o and u, with a double-acute; the accent name is hungarumlaut)

@gergely Thank you!

And yep, those are supported!
...I had to check because after spending so much time drawing the hanzi, I can't even remember what I added and what I skipped for the European scripts |D

@eishiya Bonzer! Please keep up the good work, especially for CJK.

@Shufei Thanks! Past a certain level of complexity, hanzi characters get pretty much unreadable at 9x9 pixels. There are still some I could add, but there's not much point for a lot of them because they'd just be noisy blobs ;_;

@eishiya @Shufei yeah, how many pixels do you need to make 龘 readable?

@kragen Why would you make me look at that ;_; Unsurprisingly, a grand total of one font on my system even supports that one.

(19x28-ish pixels, by the way.)

@kragen @eishiya Strokes can be collapsed together. Unifont did pretty well with such methods. It’s readable, just. I wouldn’t want to do so often at very small sizes, haha.

@kragen @eishiya Unifont is handy to have, very much. Less handy to use, haha.

@Shufei @eishiya it's perfect for its intended purpose of making sure that no character is ever missed!

@Shufei Some of that collapsing is unacceptable to me tbh.

This is the best I can do (with a square aspect ratio), 18x18. I find it a little easier to recognize, but still challenging.

@eishiya @Shufei Wow, that's incredible. If you could use grayscale, would the problem get any easier?

@kragen Maybe a tiny bit, but not really.

Subpixel techniques could be used to squeeze extra detail out of the pixels, but they're not reliable since they have to be geared for a specific layout of physical subpixels and fall apart if the font is zoomed or has additional smoothing applied to it.

@eishiya I didn't mean LCD subpixel, but actual grayscale, like my friend Aristotle used in my icon for for example.

@kragen I know. The subpixel was an extra note. The first line in my reply was about true grayscale. Sorry about that, the topic change wasn't clear.

@jae Make sure you're viewing the 11px bitmaps. The font has empty dummy outlines to allow it to be exported as a TTF, and that might be what you're seeing there.

@eishiya Cyrillic looks as good as everything else! Awesome job!

@charlag Thank you! I tried to stick to scripts I had at least some experience with, to avoid the common issues like messing up baselines. It's still possible I messed up somewhere.

@eishiya will it be also in git or another vcs or is development finished?

@bootie_fringe I might add more characters as I find I need them, but I think any additions in the future are likely to be minor. The goal with this font was to strike a good balance between size and usefulness, and I think it's pretty much there.

I thought about putting it on Github or something, but I'm too lazy to figure out how to use those repos |D

I'll be adding it to Open Game Art though.

@eishiya thanks, I just wanted something more permanent than a random google drive link.

could you please include the instructions on how to make the TTF from source files?

@bootie_fringe What do you mean by making the TTF from the source files? The source files are not included in the package.

@eishiya I thought you would publish them … might be my wishful thinking or are you going to?

@bootie_fringe Probably not. There's no data in the source file that you can't get by just opening the TTF file in a font editor xP

@eishiya Thanks! I might be able to use this with my game.

@povoq !! I was just thinking today "I wonder where I can put this so devs can find it" and completely forgot OGA! Thanks for the reminder.

@eishiya this is lovely, thank you so much for your work!

@relsqui I'm guessing the Ko-Fi was from you :D? I can't access the site to check if you left a message, but thank you!

@eishiya you're welcome! it basically just said "here's the same sentiment again with money attached" because thanking artists with money is how I want the world to work :P

@eishiya holy shit this rules and must have been an absolutely heroic amount of work!!

@melissasage Thanks! I did a lot of it in a several-week-long pixelated daze last year and have no idea how long it actually took. I'm just glad it's done enough to share now.

@eishiya yeah i'll bet! CJK especially is such a massive undertaking; I'm assuming you can't just make pixel versions of every radical and call it a day, and instead need to handcraft thousands of the things

@melissasage Yep 😭 Some radicals can be copypasted, but a lot of the time with this size, it's faster to just redraw the whole thing than to go searching for a character that has similar parts. I did copypasting mainly for visual consistency, and even then I think some radicals aren't always consistent just because it's difficult in FontForge to view visually related CJK characters together.

@eishiya yeah i mean, at this scale i think it's all good because even if the actual radicals are the same the overall shape of the characters can be really different anyway? it makes sense they'd be stylized differently in the pixelation when you only have 9x9 to work with

also rip to that, i'm disappointed but not suprised that a western tech project has mediocre CJK support

@melissasage I wouldn't say it's "mediocre CJK support". It supports vertical metrics I believe, and it just shows everything ordered by the encoding. The problem is more that you can't make a palette of reference glyphs or glyph parts to easily access, which isn't a CJK_specific issue.

@melissasage Or rather, I should clarify, the CJK support is no more mediocre than anything else. FontForge has plenty of jank all around.

That said, the lack of certain quality-of-life features impacts creating European glyphs much less, so I'm sure some Eurocentrism is at play.

@eishiya This looks pretty nice, I'm not familiar with that license. What do I need to know about it?

@gudenau If you're more familiar with CC-BY, you can choose that license.

The SIL Open Font License lets you
- use the font however you like, including in commercial projects
- modify the font however you like
- distribute the font file (original or modified) with your software, provided a copy of the license is included (much like CC-BY)

Unlike CC-BY, you are not required to credit me, and you can't sell the font file on its own, it has to come with software (such as your game!).

@eishiya Those are oddly nice terms, who wouldn't credit an author though.

I'm not that much of a monster.

@gudenau Sometimes it's impractical or not ~*aesthetic*~ xP

The license does effectively require credit for redistributing the font file though, since the copyright notice and license have to be included along with the font file.

@eishiya At very least ship a file along side the program.

@gudenau That's easy and works for computer games, but for e.g. console games, it would not be sufficient because a reasonable user would have no access to those files. Console games usually include that info in their in-game credits, but that can be very unsightly, especially for games that would otherwise have very brief credits.

@eishiya Totally forgot that consoles have an indie scene. I just don't think of the two together...

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