Cult mention (analogy), making comics 

When people ask me about getting into comics, I'm always conflicted.

Sometimes comics feel like a cult: they feel amazing and the community is very welcoming, but you might also be throwing your life away for a whole lot of pain. Am I just deluding myself about how much I love making comics and perpetuating the suffering by encouraging others to try it?

Cult mention (analogy), making comics 

@eishiya The pain starts when a hobby turns into passion.

Cult mention (analogy), making comics 

@eishiya A lot of creative endeavors can feel this way. I definitely sunk into that stage with short story publishing (partly why I haven't written one for submission in ages), but every once in a while I still see something that makes me go "wow, I wish I could have that affect on someone else just by drawing/writing something."

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