Does Mastodon have a built-in way to search for posts with a particular tag from a particular user? I'd love to be able to look at e.g. all my gamedev posts, but it seems like I can either do a user search or a tag search, but not both, unless I use an external service.

I'd rather not make giant threads for all related toots, but if that's the only way to make it easy to look up past tweets by topic/tag, I might have to.

@InspectorCaracal Apparently this feature exists, but there's no UI for it. After your profile URL, add /tagged/TheTagYouWant.

I tried your suggestion but it looks like you can't add yourself to a list.

@InspectorCaracal No worries! I forgot lists even existed, so you were helpful in another way :D

@spud Apparently you can do it via URL, as per another comment :D

@TapiocaPearl Oh, excellent, thank you!

Sucks there's no UI for it, but building search URLs is nothing new to me :D

@eishiya You can also feature a tag on your profile, if you want to make it easy to find for people.

@cosine @TapiocaPearl Ooh, thank you! I don't remember seeing this feature before. Maybe I should start making project-specific tags, like I used to on Tumblr o: This seems cool.

@eishiya Silimilarly, I wonder if there is an easy way to exclude users/servers.
For example, I was just searching for interesting content on the tag but it's flooded with bots that repost from Twitter accounts...
If I wanted Twitter content, I'd go on twitter!

@Hapiel You might be able to block them, but I haven't tried this and don't know how it works.

Filters also only affect the timelines, not searches. This is useful, but an option to filter them would be nice D:

@Hapiel ...I refreshed after I posted this and suddenly the filters got applied to the search I had open. So uh... maybe there's a derp in the UI with filters not being applied correctly.

@Curator Any idea what's going on? I have filtered, but when I searched for it, I got results, including stuff with other filtered tags. This makes sense. After refreshing, that same search came up as all filtered. This also makes sense, but why did the behaviour change? Which is the intended behaviour?

@Hapiel I guess if you filter the term RT, do a search, and then refresh, that might help :D?

I can also recommend some pixel artists I follow, if you'd like.

@eishiya I haven't quite figured out how filtering works, but in the meanwhile I'd love your recommendations :)

@Hapiel I'm definitely forgetting some artists because I've seen more good pixel art around, but here are a few people to follow:


@eishiya @Hapiel Thanks for the mention! And I will also accept your recs because I was only following one of those other people ;)

@eishiya Thank you for the mention and thank you for sharing other artist's profiles! I didn't know you and them were here, will instantly follow

@eishiya @Hapiel Hmm, this may be a bug or an unintended result that could be mentioned to . It could be a problem with the order of things being retrieved; the search is retrieved, but the filters might have been applied before the search was finished retrieving the posts so it missed them, if that makes sense? Then when you repeat the search, the filters catch the already retrieved posts.

I'm not an expert, though. ^^;

@Curator Should I make a new post about it or is the tag in your reply enough to get it seen?

@eishiya Hmm, I was hoping someone might reply, but considering they haven't… ^^;

Maybe it would be helpful to make a standalone post in the MastoDev tag describing the problem and asking if it's expected behaviour? That might help it get seen.

@Curator I can't seem to reproduce the issue, posts are Filtered right away now 🤔

I'll chalk this one up to Mastohost having a weird night unless it happens again.

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