My webcomic Black Dram updated!

And I've launched the preorder page for the Black Dram book! It's a classy 276-page hardcover containing the entire story. Preorder here:

Boosts appreciated!

I don't Tweet, but if you do and want to help spread the word about the book, consider RTing this post my friend made for me <3

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One week left to preorder the Black Dram books! The final page of the goes up this Wednesday, and after that there'll be ~four more days to preorder.

With a few more orders, I'll break even on the printing costs! It would be nice to only lose time on this book project and not money ;D

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The person handling the European orders for me is the sweetest of sweethearts and agreed to also ship the other international orders for me, so I was able to set the non-US, non-Europe shipping to $30 instead of $40 :D Still pricy, but not as ridiculous.

The Royal Mail is seriously impressive, I wish the USPS could be as nice ;_; It's cheaper and their pricing's so much more straightforward.

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Aaah I've finally broken even on the book printing costs <3 So now I'm not *losing* money on this thing, whoo!

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Three hours left to preorder a Black Dram book! This is the final reminder and now I'll finally shut up about it :D

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Yeeeeeey preorder's done, now I can rest for a week-ish until the books arrive from the printers and the money arrives from Gumroad. And by rest I mean be on edge for no reason. I suspect I will not feel like I can rest until every book is sent out and received.

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@eishiya Thanks for posting how much shipping is! If I remember/am able to, I'll preorder it on Friday my time. C:

@human_emulator Cool, thanks!

The shipping could always be previewed on the mid-order page, but it looks like a lot of people weren't aware of that :'D

@eishiya Yr welcome!! I didn't know that either, tbh. :da_sweat: I usually use Gumroad for digital-only stuff.

@human_emulator Until someone suggested I do this preorder via Gumroad, I had no idea Gumroad even allowed non-digital stuff!

@eishiya I only did bc my romance partner used to sell their non-digital comics via GR. But, also, the good thing about you writing how much shipping will cost in the description is that you won't get people being annoyed about shipping costs, when it's the USPS' fault.

At least, I hope that you won't... :^]

@human_emulator No one's been annoyed so far :D I imagine people outside the US and Europe just shrug and move on.

@eishiya Yeah, we're pretty used to it down in "Australia". :^]

The worst thing about buying stuff from overseas via the internet down here, tho, is that we're forced to pay an extra 10% of the price on literally *anything* that we buy. As long as it's under "AU"$1k. 😒

@eishiya I forgot to mention this includes digital items ie games. :^]

@human_emulator Oof >: The fact that it applies to digital goods is extra bizarre.

To be honest, I could've set the "elsewhere" price lower, I set it higher because for orders outside the US, I'd need to buy different boxes and packing materials, since I can't use the same ones as for shipping within the US. So, the extra cost is "handling" because it's such a big hassle :'D

@eishiya Indeed. :l The fact that our current federal leader, Scummo (FKA Scott Morrison), is an alt-reich shit stain doesn't help.

Don't worry; I can fully understand charging that much for shipping + handling. Also hardcover books are heavy as! D:

@human_emulator Fun. Is it a protectionist tax, then?

Aye, they are. I don't have an accurate scale, but it weighs something like 750g.

@eishiya Possibly, but only because the internet is ~taking Australian jobs~, according to our previous Prime Sinister. Who implemented said tax in 2017.

That's one heavy book! D:

@human_emulator I can't find very much on this tax you mentioned. I'm curious, does Gumroad handle it for you or is that something I'll have to deal with?

(I've had to learn a whole lot of fun tax law for this preorder :'D)

@human_emulator Looked up the text of it and it looks like as a small business I don't need to worry about it, but due to how Gumroad handles things, I suspect Gumroad might be on the hook for it...

@human_emulator Ouch! I mean, I'm thankful I don't have to deal with it, but oof. I'm amazed you'd deem any book worth that D8

@eishiya Indeed. Sadly, I don't do well w reading webcomics on the internet any more (thx, brain juice), but I also really enjoy yr work.

Tbh I should ask my romance partner if they could buy it for me for our 3 year anniversary.

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