A legit complaint about the Jake Parker issue is that he should have trademarked it from the beginning, now some will be retroactively affected.

But one has to remember that he has no obligation to making it so no one in the world is negatively affected. He is not jesus or buddha

But if he had done it earlier he would already be prepared against large corporations, so it would probably have beneficial for him too to have done it earlier.


@ChrisTalleras I can understand him not trademarking it right off the bat, as it's not cheap and he likely had no idea it would get this big. Had he done this after 1-2 years, it would've still caused drama and potentially killed the event.

There's no good decision in this situation. Either he loses his ability to stop corporations from taking advantage of Inktober, or artists lose their ability to sell Inktober books/merch. He can't have both, but he's trying to make it out like he can.

@ChrisTalleras (TBH though, the whole situation stinks to me of someone who just doesn't want their book to compete with more popular artists' books, with the "protection" from corporations just being an excuse.)

@eishiya Yeah, that is true!

But I feel like I can only make that conclusion based on his actions. If popular artists (AND smaller artists) are not able to publish their own inktober books I will be critical of that.

But we don't know if that is the case yet. But if one is thinking of publishing a inktober book one better take contact with Jake/his lawyer.

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