In case any of y'all use Smack Jeeves 

They announced a major change to the site, but it's easy to miss the announcement:

They're removing the customization features that make SJ distinct from Tapas and LWT. If SJ's customizability (templates, extra pages, the ability to use Disqus) is important to you, back those things up now and consider switching to ComicFury or self-hosting! You've got until January.

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Correction: the changes go live Dec 3. The site will be down Dec 2 for maintenance.

The January 2020 date was just for the mobile app.

In case any of y'all use Smack Jeeves 

@eishiya *reads announcement* *sees "exclusive content"*

I see the site really changed when I wasn't paying attention...

@Wolthera It hasn't changed yet, but yeah, it's... really becoming something I do not need in my life. If I wanted Tapas, I'd be using Tapas and NOT a site with a fraction of the traffic.

@eishiya yeah, I'm seeing the forum is going to be removed as well, and arguably, that was the shining point of smackjeeves.

I am also somewhat confused that they introduce coins and apps and whatnot, but nothing to make it easy for people to read the comic in question on their favourite ereader. I guess that's bad for *engagement*...

Like seriously. I do work on the KDE comic reader as well, and I am just not seeing anything that'd make it easy to integrate. Just a standalone app...

@Wolthera They don't care about making comics easy and fun to read xP Or... about comics at all, probably. Just another way to lock people into a system that asks for attention and money.

I hadn't heard of this reader before! I'll be updating my own comic CMS to move my comics over, is there anything I can do to make that integration easier? Feel free to DM me about it if you'd like!

@eishiya Right now, the maintainer of Peruse, leinir, is working on getting integration going via the 'Open Collaboration Services' api, which would allow people to use peruse to get possible downloads straight from ( ).

I myself would also like to get it to support OPDS feeds ( ), which doesn't allow for the interaction OCS does, but it is also a lot easier to set up.

But first Krita resource rewrite needs to be finished though...

@Wolthera Neat, I hadn't heard of either of these! They'll have to be backburner ideas for me since I need to get the thing functional for my own comics ASAP, but I want to do what I can later.

@eishiya yes, that is absolutely fine. We'll be making some proper blogposts about what to do when all the pieces are in place. In the end, the prime reason I myself want this is because I just want an easy way to get to people's creations ;)

Christ, looking at the announcement again, they couldn't even be bothered to use any of the content on the current site for the app preview, could they?

@Wolthera Their sample comic seems deliberately chosen/designed to downplay how bad a comic looks without a proper template when on desktop. I suspect it's not a coincidence that it includes a big logo as part of the comic, something you'd normally have as part of your website.

@Wolthera @eishiya
Thanks for the link! I need to look into that (once the NaNoMangO is done. :) )

In case any of y'all use Smack Jeeves 

@eishiya "Exciting news!" is the new "To serve you better".

Thank you for recommending ComicFury, BTW. They are great.

@reinderdijkhuis CF will be the last remaining free host with customizability once this is rolled out ): I can't leave it out, even if I'm personally not planning to use it.

In case any of y'all use Smack Jeeves 

@eishiya I just tried to click over the ComicFury and the site is down?

@onelastsketch It seems like all the traffic from SJ overwhelmed the site and their host is forcing them to switch to a better tier of hosting before the site can come back up. It should hopefully be resolved by tomorrow.

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