Despite the search engine improvements over the past 15 years, I feel like it's gotten harder to find things rather than easier, at least when it comes to niche things. Brands and (stolen) images are easier to find than ever.

Search seems to focus more on metadata than content, many sites lock their content behind memberships or make it non-static (=harder to index and even to view).

It feels like to find more niche or technical information, you have to know what/where it is to begin with :/

@eishiya Have you tried using other search engines? DuckDuckGo, whilst not having many sites indexed, is incredibly useful for finding obscure information.

@wizzwizz4 Of course! But search engines can only do so much when websites make information less accessible, when communities don't get to have permanent homes because everybody drifts between big social media sites, etc.

I didn't mean for my toot to sound like a condemnation of any search engine or search engines as a whole, this has more to do with the way people use the Internet than any particular part of it.

@eishiya Oh, no; I was just suggesting that DuckDuckGo was better than most at _working around_ the problem.

The problem can be mitigated somewhat by improving the markup of the sites, and making them work sanely without JavaScript and CSS. (The latter's harder, but a "skip navigation" anchor link will allow people to skip the navigation bar-turned-six-pages to get to the actual content.)

I was going to write something else, but I can't remember what it was. Sorry!

@wizzwizz4 I'm all for JS-free and JS-optional websites ;~; They would certainly go a long way towards making the web more usable in general, not simply more searchable :D

It's something I apply to my own work, and I encourage others to do the same whenever I can.

@eishiya Not to mention an entire industry (SEO “optimisation” and such) that has weaponised automation to hijack your attempts to find something. We’re lucky it works at all sometime.

@eishiya @danyspin97 have you heard of ? It's a search engine which removes the top 100/1,000/10k/100k/1M most popular sites?

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