Thought I'd try animating a waterfall using a particle emitter instead of tiles. It looks... okay, but it's too noisy for my taste, so I'll try implementing something similar with tiles tomorrow.

I like the dominance of solid colours, I'll keep that.

(Don't mind the invisible tree, I'll lighten up the background later.)

@eishiya Could you try stretching that effect over two thirds of the waterfall, slow it down to about factor 0.2 and maybe add a third light blue particle which occurs less often? In my imagination this effect looks pretty rad. It‘s mostly the speed and range which I dislike in this case 🤔

@geekygent Controlling the size of the effect is tricky if not outright impossible due to how it's made. Your suggested tweaks might look nice, but it would still suffer from the fundamental problem with using particles: noisiness. I think a clean loop would look better than something that's more natural but noisy.

I think a much smaller transition between colours would probably work better; big transitions don't fit the look of the rest of the art, and create more opportunities for noise.

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