Streaming some boring stuff :D Making a tree tileset and, if it works, a tool to automatically build trees out of it.

@eishiya Question about streaming ...I think about using but it seems many more people are on .
Which one would you recommend for art streaming?

@JoKeR Picarto's best feature is its multistreams. I only use it when I'm in one of those. Otherwise, I use Twitch.

I'm not the best person to ask though, as I stream both gamedev (0 audience on Picarto) and art (more of an audience on Picarto). I chose Twitch, but that doesn't mean you should too.

@JoKeR One particular "feature" of note is Picarto seems more popular with commission artists and commissioners, whereas on Twitch it's more about just watching and chatting. So, if one of your goals is to attract commission clients with your streams, Picarto is probably the better place.

@JoKeR Just found out about today. You can stream to both platforms with it. Not sure how exactly it works, but it looks worth trying in your case!

@eishiya interesting. I'll check out ...
I'll finally get my new machine at start next weekend. And I want to try streaming my comicing.

@eishiya hmmm... they have a pricing. and if you don't pay the brand your stream. hmmm...

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