Today's task: Design and start implementing a cutscene system for my game.

The engine has no scripting support and I don't plan to add it, so this should be interesting!


The biggest question in this design: Can I really call them "cutscenes" if they don't (necessarily) cut away, or even take away the player's control? They're not "scripted sequences" either, they're just animations played within the level, with no scripting.

Perhaps simply "animations" or "asset animations"?

@mkb That would be confusing since other entities have their own animations (and indeed, cutscenes use the same animation system as these other entities).

I think I'll just call them cutscenes since they CAN be actual cutscenes (they can optionally take away player control and can even play as movies rather than in the game world) and it's a short word. "Cutscene" is often used for scripted sequences and the like too.

@eishiya I think that if they don't take away player control they're probably not cutscenes?

@JubalBarca I agree, but I think I might call them "cutscenes" anyway since they CAN take away player control, and it's a short, convenient word. Plus, a lot of people refer to any non-player-controlled event as "cutscenes" anyway.

@eishiya I guess as long as they fill the role pf cutscenes from the perspective of storytelling, it is an adequate name. I mean, whatever you do in VR seems to be called cutscenes too, and you can't cut or freeze the view in VR either.

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