Made a climbing animation. It needs transitions to mesh better with the other animations, but that can wait. Animating the last remaining ability, swimming, is more important, as is making some more maps to play in.

Naturally, after y'all reblog the climbing gif, I realise I implemented it wrong and it's playing backwards!

@eishiya This is amazing. If you ever need sound effects or background music I'll do it for free, or I can redirect you to other music producers as well. Your animation looks really great, you should be proud

@machi Thank you so much! It means a lot to hear that my disdain for animating doesn't show through :'D

I've been putting off doing sound stuff because it's something I know nothing about, so if you'd like to help in any way, I'd love to discuss it!

@eishiya it sure does look great!! hey if you're curious to learn, I'm not a guru lol but I know a bit about sound effects & theme songs. That could be helpful for you to have links to tutorials and music softwares free to use such as LMMS, especially made for video game sound design!

@machi I hadn't heard of LMMS, so you've already taught me something :D

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