I wanted to use the oranges and purples in my game's palette, and thought drawing a house would be a good idea for that.

Then I remembered what the houses in this setting look like ._.


Polished up some of those pixels, and added in some tiled terrain and trees so that the house isn't floating.

An interior for the house :D
I should probably animate it, but I need a break from staring at this thing.

I hate animating, but thank you for having a UI that doesn't make it worse <3

It would look better with the shadows moving around, but just imagining how that would look on a sprite/tile sheet makes my brain hurt.

Thought I'd put together a WIP gif of making the house interior. Better late than never :'D

@eishiya Love the colors and the scene composition. Are you using some palette? Or just using the best colors for the gameart style that fits?

@DavitMasia Thank you!
It's a 12-colour palette I made for this game (and this image uses 10 of the colours, but apparently some weird blended colours slipped in somewhere, bah).

@eishiya this is beautiful! an excellent thing imo

@eishiya that looks like that game I kickstarted like 10 years ago!

@CodingItWrong Thanks for the link! Not as similar as I was expecting, but I suppose that's a good thing, and it's a nice-looking game :D

@eishiya i have a bad memory of HFA! it's because it's been KICKSTARTING FOR SO LONG

@CodingItWrong Aww. I'm afraid of that sort of thing happening so I'm not doing a KS for mine.

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