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Oh no is it time for D:!

I'm a artist and game dev! I tend to forget to share my work with people, maybe this place can break me out of that habit.

First world problem 

I'm mooching someone's Amazon Prime Video and some of the films they have are "Free with Ads", and wow they are unwatchable. At least ad breaks on telly are manually placed during act breaks or at least scene breaks*, but on Prime Video they'll just start mid-sentence. I've not been able to get through a single film like this, I bounce off at the first ad.

* At least they were when I last watched telly, many years ago. I *hope* there's still some manual editing going on.

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Some folks expressed interest in Black Dram (a punchable Alain) and Vytvalen (spirit fox) plushies, and now I'm wondering what it would take to make those happen.

My audience is small so I can't do a proper production run, but they'd not be fully custom either, since it would be 1 or 2 designs reproduced as needed.

I wonder if I could just give a custom plushie maker a licence to make BD plushies in exchange for making them available at the same price as their stock plushies.

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Opening commissions! This is all for digital work, I'll get you a high res scan that you can print or use your end.

1-3 large words - $5
4+ large words = $10
One small verse - $5
Several verses on A5 - $10
Several verses on A5 with decorative border - $15
Verses on A4 - $15
Verses on A4 with decorative border - $25

They'll be done in black ink, blackletter font.

DM me first with what you want because I'll have to check what size paper it'll fit on.

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Seemed appropriate that I write out some Warhammer 40k quotes since that vibe is very gothic blackletter-esque XD Not quite the same in bright happy yellow though!

PSA, 'annihilation' is a very satisfying word to write out in blackletter :D

I find myself using Photoshop, of all things, for most of my tile work, because I find managing complex tilesets more efficient in it, despite the utter lack of tools to improve the testing of tiles in it.

The great previewing and editing tools in Pyxel Edit just do not make up for the very basic tileset management, so I barely use it >:

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Are there any pixel art editors out there that have tile support AND have good *tileset* management tools?

Pyxel Edit does not. I haven't tried the Aseprite 1.3 beta, but it seems like tileset management is an afterthought in that too.

I make tilesets for gamedev, layout matters. I need to be able to put tiles into fixed arrangements that I can then move around and edit in groups. I need to be able to leave gaps.

...without having to duplicate the entire tileset in the main document :/

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This has been happening at Victory Pointe a lot too.

There's nothing wrong with the game, it's just that the population's baseline pinball skills have deteriorated since the games were designed - deteriorated to the point where the machine asks the operator for a checkup because nobody has been able to make the ramp shot for a while.

It's easy to forget these days that up until the 1970's pinball made more money than Hollywood.

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The lawyer discovers a new hobby and goes on to have a successful YouTube career.

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Film idea: Courtroom drama about an hobbyist lockpicker accused of stealing a lot of documents and money, which were taken without a trace from their place of work. The accused can't help but excitedly spew lockpicking and bypass trivia, and everything out of their mouth is incriminating, the only thing saving them is that they're not on the stand and most of their remarks are struck from the record.

Feat. a TOOOL member as an expert witness, exasperatedly trying to explain locksport.

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Sketchdrop no.22 🌴

Getting a bit more variety in there - it’s wild what a wide range of shape design there is in trees!

Whining about subtitles and captioning 

I wish more movies had an option for non-caption subtitles (i.e. transcribing dialogue only, not any other sounds), for people who just need a little help parsing speech among all the music and sound effects. The extra captions distract me.

Similarly, for multilingual films, I wish there was the option for subtitles even for speech that is in the subtitles' language. The English parts are often the parts I understand the least because they're not subtitled.

Porting update: I got my script done enough to be able to start testing whether it functions correctly, only to be stopped dead in my tracks by an undocumented gap in the destination scripting API. I can't actually output the data because ~*reasons*~.

Scripting is an adventure.

(I can output it in other, much less user-friendly ways, but I want to see if I can poke the maintainer to add the missing output functionality first.)

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Python as its designers intended: Beautiful, easy to read even for those not very familiar with the language.

Python as actually used:
What is this. Where does one thing end and the next begin.

(Guess who's doing some porting!)

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"But second, and far more disturbing, is the notion that web developers should be continually testing their websites against early releases of major browsers."

"That's actually why there are web standards – so developers don't have to do ridiculous things like continually test their websites to make sure they're still working."

"That someone of considerable stature in the Chrome project would think otherwise should be a red flag."

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I'm not sure if there's a tag for this kind of thing, but I have a Blue Yeti Blackout microphone that I don't use anymore, it's a great recording mic, but ever since I got my USB audio interface it's been a hassle to switch audio devices back and forth, and I'm currently in the process of getting an XLR mic, so:

Is there anyone who would like it? All I'd ask is that you pay shipping and I'd be happy to pass it along. It's got nothing wrong with it and it sounds great on acoustic instruments.

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