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Oh no is it time for D:!

I'm a artist and game dev! I tend to forget to share my work with people, maybe this place can break me out of that habit.

The game performance saga continues! Borrowed a netbook with a 1-core 1.33GHz CPU, Windows 7 32bit, no OpenGL hardware acceleration.

My game runs at 2-3fps on both light and heavy levels, CPU usage is 50% in both cases (OS-limited?). Based on the lack of performance difference, I'd guess rendering is the bottleneck, but while update() takes 7ms of an 8ms budget on the light level, it takes 15ms on the heavy level, and should result in a death spiral, but there's no difference ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Had a friend test my game on an "eh" laptop :D
Performance on a normal level: about 250fps.
Performance on the level with all the particles: about 75fps.
So, still above my target of 60fps, but cutting it close.

But! They liked how the game felt ;3;

I have an ancient laptop somewhere, I want to try that...

If I have a time budget of about 6ms per update() in my game, and particle effects eat up 3ms on an i7-6700, should I be worried that they'll cause lag (i.e. require more than the allotted 6ms) on weaker machines? My CPU isn't top-of-the-line, but it's no potato either.

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My mind goes weird places when i'm stressed out and at a drink and draw.

Thought I'd try animating a waterfall using a particle emitter instead of tiles. It looks... okay, but it's too noisy for my taste, so I'll try implementing something similar with tiles tomorrow.

I like the dominance of solid colours, I'll keep that.

(Don't mind the invisible tree, I'll lighten up the background later.)

Black Dram updated with the final page of chapter 8!

I'm streaming the chapter break. You can find my stream link with the update, which you should read anyway, so that the stream doesn't spoil you :D

Looking forward to streaming my chapter break art today, so that I can close all these reference tabs and regain the use of my browser :V

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anytime i get a mild flash of concern that i'm interested in 'too many' things and am spreading myself thin, i remind myself there's whole worlds of things i'll never know about. i'm never gonna know how to fly or build a plane, or the intracacies of asbestos removal or HVAC repair. for everything i learn, there's something else i won't. capitalism certainly encourages a degree specialization, and some people just enjoy a narrower scope, but if that's not my jam, no worries!

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I was honored to contribute an piece based on the story “Break Out” for Little Foolery’s 10th anniversary!! @sfeertheorist and @chirart 's work has been an inspiration to me for ages- here’s to many more years of storytelling! ✨

be sure to check out the full gallery- it's fantastic:

I spent some of my rainy day savings on manga a few days ago, and they arrived today *o* So much inspiration, so much pretty!

Sadly I'm about 1/3 through a long novel right now, so it'll be a while before I get to read any of them.

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Hey it's day!!
I'm Nin and I love to use a lot of colors, draw action poses & pin ups and comics!
I hope to someday do work as an illustrator or animator!

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I'm late to once again ;) Hi, I'm Jessica, a concept artist/ illustrator in the gaming industry and in my spare time I play around with different styles. Always open to collab on fun projects!

The results of today's stream, a few props for my game. It was a short stream today because for some reason I'm super yawny ;_;

The first half of today was chaotic, so I forgot to tell y'all that my webcomic updated!

Wrote one more tree generating tool today. This one can build branches that aren't confined to a single row of tiles.

Naturally, I cranked the settings up just to see what would happen.

Trying to name my game Show more

Streaming some boring stuff :D Making a tree tileset and, if it works, a tool to automatically build trees out of it.

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Are there any Sweden-based people here who use and who would be up for talking to me about how you deal with taxes (and/or other things in general)?
Sub-question: Do you use Patreon as a private person or do you have a company that you do things through?

Boosts welcome!

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