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Oh no is it time for D:!

I'm a artist and game dev! I tend to forget to share my work with people, maybe this place can break me out of that habit.

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In case any of y'all use Smack Jeeves 

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thank you all for the interest of my pixel works <3
it turned out that now I mainly have works in pixels, so if anyone here is interested - write me, the price of backgrounds from 20$

(NGL, 90% of my joy about this stems from the fact that this was a two-line fix and not the massive refactor I was fearing.)

SFML solved my Unicode string woes :D 

Silly me, I forgot dealing with Unicode files in C++11 is a nightmare I will never surmount.

I have an event system for this sort of thing, but the localisation isn't an object and thus can't be pointed to by the system.

I guess I could move all the localisation code inside of the Game class. It would mean the localisation system can't be left out when not needed, but the overhead on it is very small.

Writing some simple code to localise strings: easy-peasy

Updating all the UI elements in the game when the locale changes: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Payment distribution would be a challenge in this case, because providers have no reason to trust other providers or whatever "instance" is doing the payment split-up, and something like a blockchain would incur additional load on each provider.

But if having more customers giving a provider some of their money (instead of all of it) outweighs the cost of supporting decentralised payment tracking, maybe it could still be appealing to providers.

I don't like monopolies, but I also don't like the inconvenience and cost of dealing with more than one streaming provider.

I want a unified, customizable interface where I can queue and watch stuff from any provider, and which automatically takes my fee and splits it up between those providers based on how much of each I've watched that month. Like federation, but with payment distribution.

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It's interesting to see how as my next comic's setting gets more fleshed out, my notes have less English in them, and are instead full of terminology from the setting. It's my way of trying to understand the culture on its own terms (literally!) and through less of a foreign framework. It's a fun challenge. The drawback is I doubt anyone but me will be able to understand my notes.

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Finished everything on my to do list for tonight so I'm making frog doodles in exchange for Kofi donations in stream tonight

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Bip the Space Pirate! For a character design contest on DeviantArt. He's a bird who dreamed of becoming a space pirate so he followed his dream no matter how much others laughed at him or said that birds can't be space pirates. Follow your dreams guys.

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Going to scan it for a colouring page, then add some colour to it myself.

The result of today's stream :D (well, not entirely - I sketched it last night) It'd been quite a while since I last did a digital painting, even longer if I only count personal art.

Something of a distant prequel to my webcomic.

I forgot how to do digital painting, come watch me embarrass myself :D

Me: I feel excluded from [community] D:

Also me: What's this, a fun thing done by [community]? I'll pass.

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For your game to be listed on Twitch you need to add it to the GiantBomb wiki. Here's how to do it (with < 10000 wiki points):

1. Make sure you have the game's byline and an image (it's nice if they're available on the game's website or presskit).

2. (create and) Log in with your giantbomb account


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