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Oh no is it time for D:!

I'm a artist and game dev! I tend to forget to share my work with people, maybe this place can break me out of that habit.

@Rauviel gave me bad ideas

I doubt I'll finish this, so a sketch is all y'all get. I rarely want to draw fanart, so even this much feels like a miracle.

I made those fade in/out transitions work! basically rewriting the entire structure of the menus. But, this new structure makes it easier to add extra buttons like "back" buttons, so it's still a win.

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‪It’s like the seasons wasn’t quite ready yet for winter but it’s just so beautiful to see all the fall colours amidst a blanket of white..‬

Good news: Found and fixed a nasty memory-related bug in some code that's used by just about everything in the game.

Bad news: Spent 2+ hours trying to figure it out, instead of finishing implementing a neat GUI thing, and now it's way past bed time.

Good night y'all <3

Fade-in/out transitions for menus with translucent backgrounds are all well and good until you start fading from one menu to another, whoops. That little blip where the alphas don't quite add up to the original value is particularly noticeable because of the reduced palette.

I might have to completely rethink how I do my menu organization and rendering to fix this ._.

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Of all the work I've done for my game so far, I think the UIs are the worst.

They make me anxious because I don't really know how to approach making them better. I know what I want, but I don't know how to code it, which is very different from my usual "I can do everything I want, it'll just take time" experience with coding.

I wanted to relax and watch some movies but I'm sitting here coding instead ;_; Why is relaxing so difficult?

I apparently spent 11 hours today putting together bookcases and moving books to/between them D8 I'm already in pain, I dread tomorrow.

Black Dram updated! This was supposed to be an easy page, but then I decided it needed more buildings than just story-relevant one ._.

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Definitely too early for this, and I still have a lot to add, but I'm gonna try to make a bigger level in order to get started on a demo. Exciting and confusing; much like this entire process. 👾

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Some more s done in ! These three were all pretty difficult color schemes. Characters are Auxlang (, Darius, and Lafayette (these last two are from the Bottle World universe)

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New art! 💪

This took me ages and I am not 100% happy with it, but it's finished, which is a huge progress compared to having one zillion half made illustrations.

Markers on A4 rough paper.

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Still not a lot going on. I keep saying I’m stepping away from comics for a bit, but these next couple of months are the perfect opportunity to make some final tweaks to my writing to try and make Blanco sing, so I keep stepping back in!

Anyway, since I’ve been so writing/editing focused lately, the only things I’ve really been sharing visually are pages from my buffer for the next couple of months. So here is this week’s page! As always, you can read Blanco at

SOLVED. Thank you @rick_777 for pointing me to the problem :D
And thanks everyone else who replied <3

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I just finished another album art commission. My client loves it 💃.

If you need an artwork for your next project contact me:

These were commissions for fantastic musicians - check them out ❤️:,,
#art #illustration #music #mastoart

After making that map, I decided the birches in my game should be orange and shaded, as the silhouettes weren't birch-y enough. An extra layer or two of leaf tiles on top of the base tree works.

Bonus: free parallax/depth!

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My for the I'm working on :)
I keep smiling at his expression like "This is me on mondays, or me any day really"

For this week's challenge, I made a rough map of my WIP game. I have no idea how close the actual game will be to this, but it was fun to try to put all the areas together in a way that makes some spatial sense.

10 colours.

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