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Oh no is it time for D:!

I'm a artist and game dev! I tend to forget to share my work with people, maybe this place can break me out of that habit.

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Happy Monday, everyone! Remember, today and tomorrow (15th & 16th), Amazon workers are striking!

You can support them by avoiding Amazon, its apps, and companies owned by Amazon during the strike.

That includes:
- Twitch
- Whole Foods
- Zappos
- Goodreads
- Audible

Finished drawing Black Dram :D

...unfortunately(?) I'm way ahead so I'll still be posting these pages for months. But still! I finished a thing!

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I’ve had this picture in my wip folder for over half a year I think, but I finally managed to finish this after all this time. Anyhow, hopefully you like!

FontForge woes 

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Just kinda posting this here because of some negative experience I've had with Mastopeeps in the past. Fortunately it's never been anyone from .art and it's been a while since I got harassed.

But honestly, if you don't like my pin-up art, you can mute/block me and my feelings won't be hurt. Unless someone is breaking actual rules/laws there is no excuse to call them out just bc you personally don't like it.

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So i made this very cursed design after the initial mockup went a bit viral on the birdsite and i have regrets.

I miss all the amazing stuff made by the people I follow from other instances ;o;

The .ART local timeline is so good, I usually don't bother looking at my Home timeline ._.

Black Dram updated! It's the final of the reader-chosen chapter breaks. This time it's some ancient skow history.

I'd really like to draw more porn comics but I'm utter rubbish at writing porn because I don't care about sex beyond [horny bodies are fun to draw]. I always end up focusing on everything but the sex and ditching the sex scenes :|

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Begin a story. MAXIMUM length is 100 words! It can be shorter but not longer! Save as a .txt file labelled with your real life or pen name initials, followed by the Act# (example "RL1").

If you want to be anon make a new email at (there's no pass recovery so record the pass somewhere).

Email as attachment, or upload it (but email me your initials to seagull at tutanota dot de) :


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The big bossman is here and he's not amused.
Read the new Drugs & Wires page on our website:

Black Dram updated!

Slightly late today because I stayed up a few hours too late replaying Symphony of the Night :'D That game's too good.

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We're currently 56% of the way to fully covering :mastoart:•ART's hosting costs. This includes monthly fees to our fantastic host (, who maintains our server and keeps our instance updated, as well as the cost of the domain. If we reach this goal, I'll also be able to kick a few bucks to our amazing moderation team for all their hard work.

If you can help us reach our goal our entire community will thank you! Otherwise, just keep being your awesome selves!

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