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Oh no is it time for D:!

I'm a artist and game dev! I tend to forget to share my work with people, maybe this place can break me out of that habit.

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If you've ever thought Hmm I really want to draw a smooch but I can't without an excuse, Today Is Your Day, friendo💋

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While waiting for the poll to end, I got the checkpoint stuff done!

I haven't done any of the save point artwork yet, so I'm just using the player animations for both the save point and the save notifications. Everything's a vyt.

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I want to make like a b-side to the this song so I can release it on bandcamp as something other than a single track

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Mapping Blasphemous took so long that now I'm filled with the desire to do all the other things \o/ But I am paralysed by indecision about which to do first.


Black Dram updated~ A sad boy is being sad again, so let's ignore him and enjoy some architecture :D

Finally finished what's been keeping me busy and quiet for the past couple of weeks: my maps of the game Blasphemous!

I've sent these off to VGMaps so hopefully y'all can see them soon if interested. No giant whole-game map because they don't actually fit together that well, and because it'd be too massive.

(Marked sensitive for location name/layout spoilers.)

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Black Dram updated!

Looking at this page before uploading, I was like, "wow this looks bad. I thought this was one of the better pages, but it's garbo?" Then I looked in my proof book and it looks good there, so I think the book's just spoiled me. I guess you could call it post-librum depression.

Chapter 12 of my has started! We're less than two months away from the end of Black Dram now D8

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It’s been awhile since I last posted some work I did for clients. Here’s a castle gates background I completed recently for Brian Fenn’s fantasy visual novel that’s in development!

I just realised, I never shared the thing I spent a few weeks in November and December working on!

I fixed a bunch of problems that I and others had with the Grawlix webcomic CMS and added some new features to it. I've been using it for my comic site and it's been great! Hopefully with this, choosing a comic CMS isn't just a matter of choosing the least broken option anymore ;D

You can get my fixed up version of Grawlix (version 1.5.2) here:

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I love that I haven't streamed in almost 2 months and the first thing I draw is my Smol Gator Child, Toby

The final chapter break for Black Dram is up! After this, it's just the (also short) final chapter. Two more months and this comic's over, wow.

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There is a art open for applications on twitter!

And I'd love to participate but they have soo many applications already. 🙈
I think I'll practice drawing the movie cats anyway, hehehe.

Here's the link in case anyone else is interested.
It's for charity for the Australian wildlife!

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Moved a bunch of my old pictures into folders so I can start afresh, and discovered the lines for this one sitting around so I decided to finish it. Watercolour, gouache and colour pencil.

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