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Oh no is it time for D:!

I'm a artist and game dev! I tend to forget to share my work with people, maybe this place can break me out of that habit.

mastodon.art/media/XjL_Pr-ll4I mastodon.art/media/94EWe0zmDI7

Finally, an update on this thing! Instead of doing actual work, I've been messing with more tree-generating tools.

The sketch-based generators still required too much human input for my tastes, so I wrote a generator that spits out trees with a single click.

The trees in the gif are straight out of the generator, no manual tweaks at all. Not perfect, but not bad at all for requiring one click to make.

I remember seeing an online tool somewhere that would generate RGB color maps (see image for an example) of any given size, and now I can't find it. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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Oh hi, I'm new around here. I draw stuff. Especially people because clothes are too mainstream.

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Pfft ahahah, in that screenshot I noticed another mistake: a missing ,1 in one of the inner arrays e_e

Why am I allowed to write code?

This typo in my tile definitions was a fun bug to track down :T

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This would break the internet.

Imagine YouTube Content ID, but for everything: blog comments, tweets, Github commits, Instagram photos, replies to newspaper articles, rental listings, dating profiles.

This is being proposed in the EU. #Article13
motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art source: twitter.com/torproject/status/

Updated my ! I'm glad I got some pages done early this time, because I'm been sick for the past week :'D


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Have a cute-scary Roy on today's Black Dram page :D blackdram.com

Are there any succinct resources out there on the changes with each version of Windows 10, specifically regarding privacy, user control of the OS, and legacy software compatibility?

My impression about Win10 updates so far is "don't", but I'd rather not end up with an outdated OS if I don't have to, since older versions don't get all the same drivers, etc.

Black Dram updated!
Looks like their jail is both fancy and awful :D


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Hi! Hello!!
I'm Mimi/Jowan & I'm super new here aaaa///

I draw sometimes and usually only my favorite water daughter witch OC, Katy!!! ✨ 💙 ✨

Will I ever stop writing tiled tree generators?

My sketch-based generators don't do well with my spruce tileset, so I decided to try something else for it. Since the branches are all confined to single rows of tiles in this tileset, it means generating them programmatically is easy. I was even able to reuse code from an old tool I'd given up on.

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when i see a really nice landscape photo.

I can't tell whether three and a half days was a long or a short time to finish this monstrosity.

10/10 would hurt my back and neck again.