Hey guys i started a travel and college blog about my experience here in Rome πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

since everyone is showing their own little creative spaces thought i would share mine too!

also here:

by the way i made a curious cat account so if anyone wants to ask me something or chat feel free to drop a message :)

Yall remeber the whole metsona thing that was popping on twitter a while back? i did this portrait of my bf and i for it at the time! And as usual forgot to post it here so here we go

got this awesome super cheap ipad cover and it good i am so glad i got it πŸ™πŸ»

woah I'm getting a lot of notifs out of nowhere... hello I know i haven't been around mastodon much for a while but glad to know yall are still around! I'll try to be a little more active heh

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Hey i wasn't planning on diong this but i ended up actually starting to use a tumblr fo art sooooo here it is

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all the good ol' mtl AU wips i'll probably never finish

some pretty old cuddly MTL sketches i still find kind of cute

why do I keep getting sick πŸ˜‘ starting to feel that raspy throat again

Also there's a pretty bad storm coming our way i hope it doesn't cause too much damage :\

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