A Villagersona, or Islandersona, I suppose, in the year our lord 2020, for a client of mine, who was kind enough to ask me for one! This was really fun to do, because I really liked the palette.

The client asked for a Normal Deer with a pink palette, and this is what I came up with!

Did some original villager/islander designs! I named them Nutty and Walnut. I've had Walnut's design since like, forever. Nutty is new, though.

Nutty is a smug hamster, and Walnut is a normal squirrel. Nutty's catchphrase is "mood," and Walnut's is "goodness."

"A table for two feels lonely now."

I wanted to make the piece feel more wistful, and warmer. So I revised it a little, messed with the colors and lighting, and figured I'd keep the old version up while also showing off the newer version!! I personally like this one better.

Yesterday, I remade my icon for my game blog on tumblr, shiningspinda!! My Spinda-sona is fun to draw but I think needs a new outfit. Eventually.

I made some mascots on top of remastering my own! My li'l Eel, @CompanionJams's (on twitter) Companion, and @bone_bard's (on twitter) Bones!

I think they're very cute and I'm a big fan of them.

I made this cover for @spatialsphere's original song he put together! He's using software instead of because that's a lot more affordable for us. It's a good thing we love Eleanor Forte! So I drew her to fit the song... and made it into a cover!

The song itself, Unending Storm, is going to be available to listen to on Soundcloud and Youtube, and available for purchase on Bandcamp!

finishing up WIPs I have rotting in my files. Back in 2017 I started, as practice, drawing my little "Watchover Voodoo Dolls" for fun because I thought they were wicked cute.
2017 vs 2020

Drew my own reference for my fan oc! I recycled the background I painted for my original picture because I am lazy.

Meet Karma the Vagabond, a little moth from beyond the Howling Cliffs. He dons a mask he found in the Ancient Basin that he thought was cool.

I got recently, and I'm in love, even though I don't normally like metroidvanias... this one has drawn me in because it's beautiful and has awesome lore. I ended up caving and making a vesselsona of sorts... this is Karma, a vessel based on my play style!

Here’s the commission I finished last night for @ illusionangel34 on Twitter! Took me a while to finish, but I managed! And I like how it turned out.
I’m super happy they wanted to see Asomir with their character. Asomir is such a nerd.

and dragons

I wanna do this again because I'm bored and warming up for work after just getting home from other work

i'e been struggling with the main piece i've been trying to work on the past few days because it's a step outside of what I am used to. so have a couple warm ups I did today before and in between my attempts: Eiliza in her winterwear (a redraw of an old piece) and Ebbi the Gobby

Whoops! Almost forgot to post this. First drawing of the year is a commission I did for @splatoonfangirl over on twitter! I think it turned out real cute.

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