an extra piece I did for day 7. I just didn't feel like it was dynamic enough to fit the mood of the piece I was going for... but she's still so pretty, so have an extra cirrus.

day 7: "enchanted"

Cirrus, a space mom to the Fallen Heroes, is incredibly enchanted... though her magic isn't actually something that can be classified AS "magic." Her magic is the pure essence of creation, therefore its own category.

day 6: "husky"

not only can Charlie count as a scarecrow (and a dullahan, he's got a removable head and a body made of fabric and hay underneath all that sweater) and therefore a husk I guess, but he's also a pretty big and husky guy!

day 5: “build” ... a relationship

When I asked, my friends said they’d rather see a metaphorical sense of the world build rather than a literal sense. So I drew Black Ace, who is mine, building her relationship with @Paradox451 's character, Cassandra.

day 3: “Bait”

Whatever you do, don’t follow the kid to meet Mr. Sharpe. Fallen Heroes are known to sign their life away. “But he offers honest work and good pay,” argue a few. Sure he does. Until he gets used to you. Then he makes your jobs less and less good, until you’re nothing but bait yourself, and collecting debt to boot.

day 2: mindless

Drake has these powers where anything he touches without gloves freezes. He’s forgets to put on his gloves first thing in the morning sometimes. Luckily, he’s roomies with Audrey and she helps. ( doesn’t mean he’s always conscious enough to react though.)

day 1: "Ring"

It was either this, where I draw Buck and Charlie and show a little bit of Buck's wedding ring, or a faerie circle/mushroom ring, and I chose the former because it's been a suuuuper long day. I think it turned out really cute though.

WIP of a new dnd character, Silvester the Jester. He's a type of clown-at-birth race that are basically made of rubber. I hardly ever draw gradient hair!

I'm going to be releasing these for free download on my Patreon for Snack Tier or higher patrons! I'd argue these are pretty dang good comic fonts! (also my handwriting!)

practicing making fonts and this is the fruit of my efforts (and a test font, so not the one I'm going to finish with)

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