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to contact me for commissions, shoot me an email at or send me a DM!

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Here's my ! I'm Eli, and I'm a freelance artists who mainly works on cartoons! I'm trying to find my path, and love to design characters and write stories from them. This account here is exclusively my art, but you can find other stuff I do over at!

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Meet Dorie! She's a baby , which should be impossible due to aboleths following a constant state of chain reincarnation, right? Wrong! Her rebirth was botched, leaving her just her, and she's freaking out a little bit! She can't remember anything beyond 2 weeks ago.

She's the size of a fully grown dolphin, which is super small for an aboleth. She looks cute, but when she opens her mouth it's nothing but teeth.

The background was fun because I was playing with filters. I used a free to use and alter forest background and played with some photo editing in CSP (and gaussian blur of course)

This is what he looked like in 2012 (left) vs 2020 (right). 8 years sure do bring change.

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The finished product of a fun little doodle! Edmund Creed, a character I've refurbished quite a bit from his original creation in like 2012. I'm going to use him for my CoS game I'm playing with my group.

More details about Edmund and the piece itself in the thread below ^^

I care him... This is Kaz. He belongs to tricksterair on Twitter!! I couldn't not draw him, tbh, his design is so adorable!!
If I had let myself get carried away I probably would have drawn their whole party, they're great.

tricksterair is an incredibly skilled artist with an amazing knack for soft lines, brilliant color palettes and just a generally soothing style to behold. Go check them out!

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this isn't a very masto-friendly crop but here's a tim wearing some cool socks i saw on the internet

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Harriet is a raven familiar issued by the Raven Queen because Finn is a paladin to her. So the red string symbolizes Finn’s connection through his spirit and soul to his familiar. Every living thing needs to be tied to the world somehow, and something artificial like Harriet needs a base to be tied to.

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Spent a day or so working on this for fun. Been a while since I put effort into something for myself. This is one of my current PCs in one of my group’s campaigns, Finnian Stormsteel, Eiliza’s son, and his raven, Harriet.

(explanation of the red thread continued in the replies)

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First drawing of Lisy, and first two drawings of her and Velma together. (several months ago) I made Velma more than a year ago now

A Villagersona, or Islandersona, I suppose, in the year our lord 2020, for a client of mine, who was kind enough to ask me for one! This was really fun to do, because I really liked the palette.

The client asked for a Normal Deer with a pink palette, and this is what I came up with!

Did some original villager/islander designs! I named them Nutty and Walnut. I've had Walnut's design since like, forever. Nutty is new, though.

Nutty is a smug hamster, and Walnut is a normal squirrel. Nutty's catchphrase is "mood," and Walnut's is "goodness."

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I am incapable of 2 things:

1. Finishing a story
2. Not making AUs✨

Couldn't muster strength to do one of those redraws so my brain initiated OC fun time lol

💙 Support me @:
🔶 Commissions:

#sfwart #OC #ocart #AU #monsterboy #mastoart #creativetoots #Fediart #digitalart

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Cesare & Aldric 🦇❤️ They're from different universes, but it's always fun to do crossovers and AUs✨

"A table for two feels lonely now."

I wanted to make the piece feel more wistful, and warmer. So I revised it a little, messed with the colors and lighting, and figured I'd keep the old version up while also showing off the newer version!! I personally like this one better.

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