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to contact me for commissions, shoot me an email at or send me a DM!

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Here's my ! I'm Eli, and I'm a freelance artists who mainly works on cartoons! I'm trying to find my path, and love to design characters and write stories from them. This account here is exclusively my art, but you can find other stuff I do over at!

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I wanna do this again because I'm bored and warming up for work after just getting home from other work

I wanna do this again because I'm bored and warming up for work after just getting home from other work

i'e been struggling with the main piece i've been trying to work on the past few days because it's a step outside of what I am used to. so have a couple warm ups I did today before and in between my attempts: Eiliza in her winterwear (a redraw of an old piece) and Ebbi the Gobby

Whoops! Almost forgot to post this. First drawing of the year is a commission I did for @splatoonfangirl over on twitter! I think it turned out real cute.

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I managed to finish this tonight... I've been at the hospital on and off because of my back the past two weeks! I've been focusing on getting better. But now that I can work somewhat again, I'm excited.

This is Clement Sinclair! He's an old character.

She's a demon, in a metaphorical sense. A very powerful cultist of Tiamat, the matriarch of the Green Dragonblood family, and mother to the Butcher Prince, who is the primary antagonist in @SkeletonTank 's fantastic ongoing campaign, "Fog Party"

drew this for @SkeletonTank on twitter a while back as a loose sketch, and then refined and finished it last night as a thank you to her because she got me a new keyboard (this one's touchpad was going on strike).

Lycoria, also known as the Emerald Advisor.

For context to the above, Rue used to be a protector aasimar with a much different design. She's changed once again, however, from a Fallen Aasimar to a homebrew vampire aasimar hybrid because she got bit, and a class change happened too. Here's an old pic of her.

Ah geez I really DID save this one huh! I drew this way back in like... March, because I got just too excited about this request from @SkeletonTank on twitter.
For April 2019, she requested Rue Sunday in her Fallen Aasimar form. I worked fast because I'd been dying to draw Rue's change.

catching up on patreon rewards. drew these two last night!
The sketch, Lex, was requested for March 2019 and he's my OC.
Kevin, on the other hand, is for April 2019, and he belongs to @spatialsphere !

Corwin Callahan! He's an NPC that's going to be in tonight's oneshot run by yours truly. It's called Found in the Crypt! I'm excited. Corwin is a living doll, and a wizard.

almost forgot to post them. This is Guard Captain Lee Truatoni. They work on a trade ship under Ship Captain Adan Venril, delivering goods from the planet Allura to the planet Zen. Their palette is themed after Rotom, and they are something called a Lightning Soul.

A Lightning Soul is a possessed robot, basically. They can do some fun things.

doodled tonight's dnd character for another oneshot we're doing in @Paradox__451 's Varishen. His name s Reavus Magius, who is inspired by both the concept of a banshee and the Mismagius. I like him. He's mean.

i referenced Jimin from Mystic Messenger's hands just because Jimin has that pretentious air that Reavus gives off. Boy Those Hands Were Hard To Do.

new pfp :)

wanted something new to fit my new kind of... life transformation and coming to terms with myself and my new identity.

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Blast from the past! These kid designs originated from a dream I had a few years ago. The blue one would eventually become the base for Dike's design 👀

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New Pfp! I've been needing to make a new one but I've been lazy, so heres Etsuji!

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