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to contact me for commissions, shoot me an email at or send me a DM!

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Heyyyy!! I’m thinking of opening a new deal! Until the end of September, anyone who buys a flat color piece (at least!) of any sort will get a free character icon (value $6) with their order!

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Here's my ! I'm Eli, and I'm a freelance artists who mainly works on cartoons! I'm trying to find my path, and love to design characters and write stories from them. This account here is exclusively my art, but you can find other stuff I do over at!

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Cover your ears when the mist rolls in... or the Grey Lady’s Lullaby may be the last thing you hear

I just want to say that when I see someone calls my art "inspiration" or tell me that they really love my piece or work in general, it fills me with butterflies. I'm so grateful to have people who like my work, and every message or compliment I get gets stored away in my head for bad days, and I'm often left with the words said to me fluttering around in my head for hours.

Thank you all so much.

My alexa just memed on me so bad, I asked her to play rolling girl and it said "that song isn't available, but here's something you might like" and started blasting voidfish at me

I'm doing sketch commissions for just $10! If you're interested just dm me or like, send me an email at

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"free voice chat for gamers" please never call me that again.

discord on my games computer: Starting...
me: why do you lie to me

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ilya, sometimes called the Maneater by the other mer, is a great white shark mer

ilya hates the drylanders – they killed his family on two separate occasions and now he has a deep-seated grudge against them. every time he comes across a lone swimmer by the shore or an unprotected diver, he’ll drag them down into the depths and sometimes even eat them

he has a lot of tattoos made of squid ink and wears jewelery made of human and fish bones

my brand is "yeah they're sketches but they look good"

I wrote a short little thing, I don't normally post my writing but um, I decided I would this time, because
my friend Nora was very enthusiastic about it, and it's about her OC, Jojan! So if you're interested in reading it, it's on my tumblr:

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Someone: Oh, you play DND? What's going on in the story?
Me: Which one?

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