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to contact me for commissions, shoot me an email at or send me a DM!

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Here's my ! I'm Eli, and I'm a freelance artists who mainly works on cartoons! I'm trying to find my path, and love to design characters and write stories from them. This account here is exclusively my art, but you can find other stuff I do over at!

Lately I'm so genuinely afraid of posting my work anywhere and I'm honestly not sure why. I posted my work today across my platforms and I've been trembling in a panic since... yikes.

I doodled one of the many characters I have named Holy (it's my go to for RPGs and app games so at this point I have my own arsenal of Holies like Nintendo has an arsenal of Links) and this one has to deal with constant undead and demons.

I feel like I've done nothing today but I keep having to remind myself that that's okay, it's okay to not do something every single day and that I am allowed to rest.

That's one of the things I'm trying to work on, a mentality that's pro relaxation sometimes

The fearsome dragon guards the tower atop the mountain of knowledge. In the distance the archfey of ice, wind, cold and winter looms, preparing to challenge the young blue dragon to a duel to the death.
If she wins, she will become the owner of all the knowledge the peaks offer.

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Sharpe Enterprises!

This group is the antagonist group in Fallen Heroes. Devon Sharpe himself is in the back in the suit...

and then, otherwise, from left to right, you have Grey, Black Ace, Holly Red/Xander, and Dahlia.

My favorite out of this bunch is probably Xander. I'd love to know who yours is.

if you're interested in following along and be the first to see updates, though the sites are unfinished, you can follow along at and bookmark their smackjeeves, which is!

Fallen Heroes is something I've been working on for a very, very long time. I'm so excited to have a chance to be working on it now, and hope to release a full story with these characters soon.

A few patreon sketches for March. I still have one left to do for the month of march... I fell a little behind on them due to illness! But I'm catching up now!

Farlow, who belongs to @ spatialsphere on twitter
Vasala, who belongs to @ SkeletonTank on twitter
Solstice, who belongs to @ caitlynmckayart on twitter

can't believe the art style I like to draw in the most even isn't even the one I typically draw in

a couple previews of a big overall pic I'm working on that started out as a brush test. hope you remember these guys, because I'm hoping to make them show up a lot more!

rue sunday began as a path of tranquility monk protector aasimar, then got turned into a fallen aasimar, that was later rended into a piss and vinegar pugilist, who then got turned into a vampire by another feral vampire, and is now taking levels in monk again.

bless her heart.

one of my favorite player characters has had such bad luck in her campaign that I've had to remake her sheet 3 times now because she has changed races twice, and classes once. not once was this by her own will.

nothing has made me research drawing digitigrade legs more than creating a dragonborn character

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