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to contact me for commissions, shoot me an email at or send me a DM!

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Here's my ! I'm Eli, and I'm a freelance artists who mainly works on cartoons! I'm trying to find my path, and love to design characters and write stories from them. This account here is exclusively my art, but you can find other stuff I do over at!

Oh I should probably post this. I finished this drawing two nights ago, but because life has been busy I totally forgot to share it! Filo is a character I played in a oneshot the other night. They're a living doll.

Self indulgent Halloween Husbands doodle I did last night… I needed something fun to do that wasn’t the pieces I’m stuck on! I hope you like them!

Sorry for the silence! I had to replace my computer + a lot of busy stuff is happening!

A commission I did for a customer on Twitter. She was very lovely to work with, and it isn't the first time I've worked with her! She asked for a bust, and I wanted to share my work. I like how the hair turned out!

challenge by @SarahDandh Day 5 - Kiss!
I love these two, they're from the comic I'm writing, Fallen Heroes! Black Ace is the girl smoking like crazy, and Cass belongs to @caitlynmckayart, a fan character for the comic that I've decided to write in. They are girlfriends.

Challenge by @SarahDandh! Day 4: Siblings. Doing this instead of .

Last time I had that prompt it was like, 4 years ago and I didn't have many siblings. This time, it was hard! So I chose Rinn and Rina, twins, and their little twin siblings Doremi and Harmony!

challenge by @SarahDandh day 3! Doing this instead of this year.

I drew @caitlynmckayart 's OC, The Spore Prince Amanita the 12th. He's her favorite NPC to play, and honestly a fan favorite among our friend group too. I love him. He's terrible, and made of mushrooms.

day 2! I'm doing this challenge instead of because my brain is tired and this seems more fun as well as other reasons. Day 2, latest OC, is Aragorn Alderon. He's Daemah's cousin, and is a possible PC replacement for !

Beri Alder, one of my oldest Fantasy Life player characters.

A 2020 redraw (left) of the 2016 one (right).

This is like, 4 years and 2 days apart.

Here’s the other art style challenge I did three years back! One of my other NPCs, Marie Gaiman, in the style from Pokémon ORAS, I believe. I had a great time doing this one, as the art of Pokémon is one of my biggest inspirations.

Three years ago I did an art style challenge, and drew two npcs I had in the first campaign I ever ran! I did one in the Panty and Stocking style, and the other in the Little Witch Academia style. I also did a third, but I’ll post that one later.

I really like them, and I thought they were probably worth sharing again.

This is Soluna. She's a little jester made of rubber who can stretch like a Stretch Armstrong toy.

I did a "let's build an oc" challenge for Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and in my immediate friend group, and these were the results! I love them so much.

They're all related, Darcy is their father, all three of the girls are sisters, and Junko is adopted.

Please let me know if you'd like to know about any of them!

ack. I forgot to post these. these are two rewards I did now that I'm catching up with this Big Backup of rewards I need to draw (thanks to my friends for being so patient.)

Azra for @caitlynmckayart and a pink catsona belonging to @maia_draws both on twitter.

This is Lilika!
I purchased the design from the very talented @Inkcurry on Twitter! Lilika is going to be one of a few UTAUloids that my fiance @companionjams​ and I are making together. Believe it or not, I can sing!
Lilika will be my low register, and I’ll be making another UTAU for my high register. My fiance might make one or two themself too.
I hope you like them!

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