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Selling the originals to previous ink drops! Figured its around time to see the project to a close since I've just been making mixes for the past while

‪Every time I feel shitty, I put svt’s pinwheel on loop and pull out my sketchbook.. it’s like the wheel just slowly blows all the bad feels away ‬

‪Let it rain, let it pour ☂️‬

Also spent a bit of time relaxing and just making swatches in one of the grid notebooks I made recently.. makes me realize how much I’ve hoarded this past while lol

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I did a swap of some paints and dot cards w a friend 😭👏🏻 the colours are soooo vibrant and fun to play with

Trying out the Roma app.. gives me similar vibes to mast but here’s to hoping it won’t crash as often 🙌🏻

I’ve gotten reeeeeaaally into watercolour lately, I’m gonna have so much fun today making swatches

Haven't had the urge to draw fanart in a while but I do want to make time to draw something related to oppy, such a good tale and a good robot

HP Sprocket + Tests

This has been a draft for so long, but made myself get around to compiling everything-- thanks to @/name_complex and @/epikarii for running tests with me that one day back in 2017 lol

Don't understand why people need to differentiate best friend and SO, they can be different people but they can also be the same person..?

Do you ever think about how many art supplies that exist out there but there just never seems to be enough time to try them all

I'm having an increased interest in homemade watercolours..

Opened my store again for preorders, stickers, and some more ink! Planned the lights/pin designs for a while (cough a year, patreon post soon), so here’s to hoping they’ll be well received..! 🤗🌿🌸

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