Tiny 🌱 cut up a bunch of paper scraps, it’s kinda fun drawing tiny

Gonna close store at the end of this week, thanks for the support :')

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Some digi doodles from yesterday... tis the season for warm drinks πŸ₯›β˜•οΈπŸ΅

@Juby this is.. how I'm feeling lately sigh m(_ _)m

Last store opening for the year with some new stickers and shimmer inks, will be closed in two weeks (Nov 20) β€” RTs appreciated, thanks! 🍁 hellotoday.coffee

Debating on getting an appo watch hmm

I've been thinking about moving store for a while and once my yearly payment is up for renewal I might possibly actually make the shift.. even digital is easier with less stock haha πŸ˜‚

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Discounted items include notebooks/sketchbooks, the first set of wc made, and some older designs of keychains/pins :')

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Store updated w discounted items to help clear out stock, will probably be opened for a short time only (1~1.5wk) -- RTs much appreciated, thanks!


Also bc I find things like this fascinating.. I drew the line work in trad before scanning and colouring it digitally, I love seeing final and original side by side haha

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I forgot to post on here but I did some recent collabs with stickiiclub (sticker subscription website).. I actually really like the quality of the things they produce and the team is so lovely to work with ;-;

If anyone is interested, they can grab these on their website: stickiiclub.com/?s=eppao&post_ stickiiclub.com/?s=eppao&post_

@scoots Aaahh your work is sooooo beautiful!! I love the experimental nature of it and so happy it's been doing well with all of your work!!

I deleted my ig last weekend and also decided to, while still using twitter, completely clear out my following and only keep in touch w those who were interested in being more interpersonal via a priv acc.. _(:'3 / L)_ can't really appeal to or keep reading so many diff people's opinions anymore

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