Finally got time to take some pics of my new sketchbooks 😊 they’re up on my store!

Updated store with some preorders for sketchbooks, notebooks, along with some restocks for the ink shop!

RTs appreciated, to be closed in 3 weeks, thank you~🌸

Been sitting at the window and watching people get stuck in the snow at the intersection every half hour ☕️

Data is important and nice but I just want to be able to type out my thoughts for the most part and on /occasion/ get to talk to others about them.. not particularly wanting everyone to hear and listen to everything I have to say/like/do

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Knowing the obsession tho, it just becomes like a popularity contest bc those who want more will like more to see its effects on the numbers and then it’s just piling on ways that doesn’t even make sense anymore

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I know the best way to find things is usually from finding from what people whose work you like tend to like, but that was always the background smart way to find stuff.. to put it to the forefront just seems so... ughhhh

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Tbh it bothers me that their algorithm requires your activity to play a role as much as you sharing the content... I’m usually post and run type of person, but the one time I was in search and liked a bunch of random things, I suddenly got activity 😒

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I got rid of Instagram off my phone for the interim haha, my little sis says she’ll be my manager/ig moderator and post for me when I have stuff to 😂

I bought a waterpick recently bc I was doing my usual shenanigans but was on the phone w my bf and we both enabled one another to get one

My teeth feel so clean every night now, how did I live without one before..

And then even after the horrific experience of falling without anyone there to catch you, you still get back up and do it all over again bc you love the doing so much more... it’s amazing and is so strong..

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I’ve been really excited about the cheer documentary on Netflix.. I’ve never really thought deeply about it but I love how they took the route of story and the hard work it takes for cheerleading, inclusive w how brave you gotta be to be willing to be tossed around and also take the fall if nobody catches you

I change my icon to something less branded, I’ve never really been a fan of using my own art as an icon tbh

Just the toned feeling of your bod in full control but also breathing and living and moving is just so much easier

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I don’t think I particularly like working out but I do like the idea of being stronger.. I kinda understand why athletes fall in love w doing their sport

@sush those were such classic places I loved that time ;-;

My older sis has been struggling w mental health so she’s been focusing her energy w hopes of some side income by making candles — she gave me one of her first samples, no preservatives and clean route, even down to a wood wick, a triangle flame.. it sounds like a campfire 🔥

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