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Also a recent patreon post β€” POSCA (Paint Markers) |

Collection of drawings and thoughts regarding a medium that I’ve been using the past while and have always had a bit of interest in

Ive been testing them out lately and doing more batches.. I’m so in love w this bright pink

Producing Custom Note/Sketch Books (Pt 3) |

All of the note/sketchbook designs designs ever made (+ more) & some things in progress :')

Finally got time to take some pics of my new sketchbooks 😊 they’re up on my store!

Updated store with some preorders for sketchbooks, notebooks, along with some restocks for the ink shop!

RTs appreciated, to be closed in 3 weeks, thank you~🌸

My older sis has been struggling w mental health so she’s been focusing her energy w hopes of some side income by making candles β€” she gave me one of her first samples, no preservatives and clean route, even down to a wood wick, a triangle flame.. it sounds like a campfire πŸ”₯

β€ͺTried prying off the pinbacks to see if it’s possible as a pendant, would probably need to make ones with a larger hole punch out but maybe.. proof of concept ‬

Back in Dec, I got a plant from work.. My mom took hold of it and now it’s like 4ft tall wtf

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