Updated store~ discounted a lot of items to clear out remaining stock from 2019 editions and made some goody bags 🌸🌿RTs greatly appreciated, thank you v much! hellotoday.coffee

Not much about this project on the fediverse, but just things I've worked on together with some friends recently ^q^


Bought this off a friend of a friend which said friend also lent me a lens and extra gear.. I only know the most basic tools that come w a digital camera so here’s to hoping I learn it well 😂

‪Drew a small postcard for @pokettostyle ~ all orders for their second series: Sakura will have a free postcard! 🌸🌿‬


Haven’t put up a progress video in while— made some stickers in support of friends working together to make a pocket tee brand~ 🍁

They’re in the midst of preparing new designs releasing at AN, but core designs are available online; all orders will come w a set of these stickers 🙌🏻 poketto.style/store

The two sketchbook designs, I reprinted the productivity one because I think it’d be nice to have with me at Dokomi in June :)

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