Discounted items include notebooks/sketchbooks, the first set of wc made, and some older designs of keychains/pins :')

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Store updated w discounted items to help clear out stock, will probably be opened for a short time only (1~1.5wk) -- RTs much appreciated, thanks!

Also bc I find things like this fascinating.. I drew the line work in trad before scanning and colouring it digitally, I love seeing final and original side by side haha

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I forgot to post on here but I did some recent collabs with stickiiclub (sticker subscription website).. I actually really like the quality of the things they produce and the team is so lovely to work with ;-;

If anyone is interested, they can grab these on their website:

Work week πŸ“‘

used only the colours in the wc palette as a test/experiment, which was p fun

I opened my store recently tho, made some colouring sheets and new wc again, this time with some shiny/shimmer colours :) ✨

:') it's like a darker/more black version of stormy grey.. favourite ink variation in the form of wc

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Trying some a new colour... after some iterations and tests, finally getting the wc to be the right consistency I want it to be at and combination to be the right colour

I bought one of these to make myself drink more water, at least one jug a day lol

It's kinda honking huge but also the right aesthetic heh

I drew on the inner cover of the big sketchbooks and they really are honking huge.... or I got accustomed to drawing smol lol

Also updated with the large (8”x8” vs 5.5”x5.5” reg) Professor Layton sketchbooks 🎩 limited stock β€”

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Store is open for a couple of weeks-- some new square sketchbooks, including one by my friend okapiya@tweet/ig !

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