Birdsite cross-posters opinion 

Starting to think they do more harm than good, at least when the direction is twitter->mastodon. Yeah it lets twitter folks try mastodon without committment, but that lack of committment is also a problem. It also lets a lot of twitter bs seep into the fediverse.


Birdsite cross-posters opinion 

@Gargron I think it's a mix of both, but the way most people use it, I can definitely see it as being a negative thing..

For me, it is just easier since I have it set only to tweets and not threads and since I already have the twitter app on my phone.. it also has filters that I tend to like to use for my photos.

I agree that it does make it have a lack of commitment though, but I think the people who depend on a x-poster without checking, kinda don't plan on committing anyhow

Birdsite cross-posters opinion 

@eecks You're one of the good examples because you still come here to reply.

Not being able to not-commit might persuade someone to try committing. Also lots of one-sided content might not be a thing we want on the platform anyway

Birdsite cross-posters opinion 

@Gargron Haha I actually really like mstdn, I've definitely had a few nice interactions here.

I agree with not wanting one-sided content; had it not been the nice community mixed with replies and conversations in general, I personally wouldn't stick around

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