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Lmao I complained about it before when I left for a bit last year, but now all the way down to 10%

a m a z i n g

@eecks "you must respond to comments left on your posts within 60 minutes"


@eecks the engagement part seems like especally 💩 because of all the robo-comments people awkwardly leave to try to boost their brand

@eecks let's just not instagram ever right, like they clearly only want users who are there to create more traffic :/

@eecks Faaack, I hate it. I'm on there with my art and have about 11k followers and yet usually only get 200 or so likes on my posts. It's nonsense. -.-

Sounds like you should just stop wasting your time with proprietary crap outside of your control where the only motivation is to bleed you dry.

@mmn Easy to say when it isn't serving as a customer base for the scant few sales you get towards paying your bills every month. I don't spend any money on there boosting posts or anything, just put in the manual work. But I *do* get sales through my followers there, so it's not a waste of my time.

LB: Olha o facetruque fazendo o instagram ser tão inútil quanto o feed do fb.

@eecks that's bizarre. I guess it makes sense for them---they only want posts that have a lot of engagement, and are likely to get more. But in the end it'll just be a list of super-popular things, and that doesn't correlate well with 'things you care about'

@eecks frick!!! maybe this explains why my explore page is even shittier than it used to be.... it's all the worst viral nonsense now

@eecks What the fucking fuck, how much more of a cynical meta-game do they actually want to make out of this?

@eecks @jaycie haha holy shit that is bad. God, the march towards turning all social media into a business is obnoxious.

@eecks Wh uh hHHHH YIKES I wasn't even aware of any of this but in retrospect it's explaining a l o t .. .

@eecks Instagram is by far the most (literally) maddening and toxic social media platform I've had the displeasure of being exposed to. This is more confirmation of that.

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