Fallen into the trap of watching decluttering and "good vibes" videos on YT.. this is a rabbit hole I'm gonna be stuck in a for a while LOL

Blue swirl ⚗️& Golden ginkgo 🍂

Friend actually got all of us to get honeybee scissors bc she has small hands and its supppper sharp with minimal residue, but I kept stabbing myself w them and gonna give said friend my pair.. not made to use dainty scissors _(:3 / L)_

V ironic bc our struggles could be solved via investment in a die-cutter, but we all still prefer the crafty, budget-friendly, minimal-setup way of cutting stickers

There was also a jetpens article that broke down the properties p well, attached a screencap


Feel like I'm overloading mstdn with recent things happening but a few more haha--

A bit extra, but I ended up buying three pairs of (relatively) expensive scissors made of diff materials, prompted by conversations w friends during sticker-cutting sessions.. ended up going down a spiral of searching and wanted to try them haha

Ok gonna try the crossposter again.. realized I don't really want to add another app/program to my workflow and want just seamless integration a lot more LOL;;

I told my friend I felt kinda weird about how much planning went into this page, like please notice these small details that matter to nobody but I put in the effort anyway bc I like these small details

but she told me it's the small things that make the difference so LOL;; hopefully it does make that difference (but otherwise I guess it's a overly glorified grid notebook that I'm proud of)

Re: the notebooks though.. even though I've been making custom books since 2015, it was my first time doing grid and.. I'm so happy with how everything turned out LOL

Went exactly how I planned w custom design, starting each page with a full grid square, seamless spreads, and breathing room at the top of page.. 😌🌿

Restocked on some stuff for the Ink Shop (shared w my friend) and tried some new ink mix sets ✍🏻❄️*__*

We bought a lot of shimmer to try mixing this time, so we ran a small batch to try alongside all the new materials

Ink Shop/Merch Update | patreon.com/posts/24052846

A lot of things that were delayed from the Canada Post strike is finally coming in so I ended up making a bunch of updates onto my store _(:'3 ✨🌱


The integration between MacOS and iOS is so neat esp since it's all built in.. I tried this out yesterday and the quality isn't too bad!!

Gonna try actually scanning it later today and do a comparison.. but the colours is already so on point

Maybe I should set up the crossposter again.. tho threads are hard to have them repost ToT

I need to make a habit to pin mstdn to my chrome browser haha, have it open alongside tweetdeck ><

This year I'm gonna try to be more active on mstdn.. I fell off during the last months of 2018 and it makes me kinda sad bc I really like the community here _(:'3

Patreon post for store update with details about the design choices is also up! I was really happy with how the baseball caps turned out ;w; !!


Happy 2019 🌱Store updated with some new baseball caps and sticker sets! RTs greatly appreciated, thank you so much! ❄️🌸


I’ve been terrible at checking mstdn this past while, hope everyone has been doing well :0!!

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