I joined the Ferris wheel press Kickstarter.. I don’t need more ink butβ€” ink

I'm gonna miss procreate but I really hate.. screen tablets, my neck dies in the progress

If one day I can project my tablet screen onto a monitor I'll get it again but I just.. it's been four years and I can't hahaha

My original purpose for posting online was that my phone had 16gb and I couldn't save photos so I wanted a place to archive and see it all at a glance.. it just was easier to put it on a social media account since I had it open anyway to talk to friends..

but then the rest of the world caught onto these platforms and the numbers somehow took foothold and wasn't optional to show anymore m(_ _)m

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Honestly I find its so much easier to post now when there's so much news going on.. it really makes you humble where you're not that important in the grander scheme of the world

I love that the attention has been stripped from looking at competing stats of "influencers" and their opinions/actions being news.. being as someone that is perceived as having a big audience, it feels like such a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders

Feel like there's way too much noise everywhere.. lmao time to actually give pillowfort a try m(_ _)m

Twitter sure is aggressive today :/

Does anyone have pillowfort and/or what are their thoughts on it? I made an account but I've been debating on whether I want to commit to another platform atm

_(:3 / L)_
Sometimes I feel like stuff that I post tends to be really out of place since there's a lot of words and ideas that doesn't necessarily fit in with the typical stream of feeds and hype, but I hope rather than an interruption its more of an enhancer

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8+ Weeks In: Personal Thoughts/Reflections (Pt 1) | patreon.com/posts/35953477

A bit more of a wordy one, but provides a bit of context about me

I want to get a new iPad but other than aesthetics and larger screen size, I really have no reason to

Also a recent patreon post β€” POSCA (Paint Markers) | patreon.com/posts/33689335

Collection of drawings and thoughts regarding a medium that I’ve been using the past while and have always had a bit of interest in

Ive been testing them out lately and doing more batches.. I’m so in love w this bright pink

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