I can make things tasty but the decor part is in much need of work 😒

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I finally decided to get a cup cover so I can stop dipping my brush into my drink

Still snowy ❄️

Using the bright pink from my series 1 and colours from my series 3 wc heh :')

Store is updated with some new items~ I also tried sending out my first email newsletter.. if you run into any issues, please let me know -- RTs much appreciated, thank you!


Relative success today..!

I knew all the proportions by heart after doing it so many times, but in the end I ran out of hand-whipped cream so couldn't do a nice presentation.. next time.. '_')9

Been somewhat obsessed w this webtoon- highly recommend, the art style is beautiful and as is all the experiences shared.. the author also writes more about herself here:


Tried making some cookies from scratch for the first time.. p good attempt for first time :o

The more infectious social media gets, the more I appreciate those who keep up their fourth wall

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