Haven’t put up a progress video in while— made some stickers in support of friends working together to make a pocket tee brand~ 🍁

They’re in the midst of preparing new designs releasing at AN, but core designs are available online; all orders will come w a set of these stickers 🙌🏻 poketto.style/store

The two sketchbook designs, I reprinted the productivity one because I think it’d be nice to have with me at Dokomi in June :)

Store update with things that have come in for AN! New sketchbook designs, sticker set and some tote bags! 🌿🌸 I’ll be leaving my store open for 3 more days before closing to prep for AN this coming weekend~

Boosts greatly appreciated, thank you! hellotoday.coffee

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Spend one day in Twitter notifications and you really come to appreciate the pleasant bubble of the fediverse

Coming back, realized that Mstdn is kinda quiet relative to other feeds which gives me a really nice sense of solstice haha.. still feels very homey despite the short absence _(:'3

Been rough but somewhat rewarding because there’s definitely almost 0 back pain now and I can actually carry my luggage to and from cons without huffing and puffing a lot 😂 the main purpose of it all

To give context I guess I’ve graduated from my second degree now (aka student loans impending doom), and joined a gym just over a month and a half ago.. dietary changes and also been working out 4-5 times per week (as compared to 0-1 times previously) 💦

Posted this on twitter too but I did take a bit of a break the past while.

Sorry it’s been silent on my end, particularly with my patreon and posting in general.. been trying to implement a lot of different lifestyle changes and it’s been taking quite a toll haha 😅💦

I signed up for a gym yesterday, it’s gonna be intense lifestyle change but maybe this is a good time if any since it’s a transition period

Thank you people who are buying from my store bc they’re paying for my health right now LOL💦 gonna do a grocery run on Sunday

‪Hello spring! 🌱 Opened my store again with some new stock — pouches, clear tape, card wallets and pillowcases 🌿🌸 Boosts greatly appreciated, thank you so much! hellotoday.coffee

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