Not much about this project on the fediverse, but just things I've worked on together with some friends recently ^q^

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Received art from @eecks !
Really like the prints, zine and stickers. The 2 extra prints are wonderful, thank you so much!

Made a cup of joe as company and puts it from the far corner of desk, far away from brush.. yet still proceeds to dip brush into coffee

A friend once told me that’s how he thinks of fanartists.. they work with the ebbs and flows of the fandoms, sucked in by the return rather than thinking about what they want to share personally

Which I think is fine and is their call, some people like living that kind of passive lifestyle

Compromises in cost, in design, in timing.. it never did matter for these things at the start, but if you start to depend on the cycle of continual merch for your lifestyle, it reaches the point where you just gotta make for some money :(

Every time I feel like the world has gotten too noisy and loud I always come back here and it’s nice

Nice to be alone with my own thoughts, not continually considering others thoughts

^__T merch making is fun but it’s the project that just keeps taking, so much effort to continually make it sustainable.. it stops being so fun when you gotta keep making compromises with the merch you originally did want to make

I was supposed to go archery today with a couple of friends but I backed out because my expenses got too much for the past week.. gotta pay for my eit license soon along with customs for new merch coming in 💦

Bought this off a friend of a friend which said friend also lent me a lens and extra gear.. I only know the most basic tools that come w a digital camera so here’s to hoping I learn it well 😂

Slept for over 12 hours.. didn’t realIze the amount of ache and soreness in all muscles..

‪I had a pretzel yesterday and one today.. so good‬

Dokomi and Amsterdam Trip (Part 2)

Compiled a bunch of small clips together to make a small video haha, full vid on post 🌿

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