‪It’s like the seasons wasn’t quite ready yet for winter but it’s just so beautiful to see all the fall colours amidst a blanket of white..‬

I’m normally not very forgiving towards myself for things I could’ve/would’ve achieved, but it’s a real comfort to feel and be supported nonetheless.. it’s something so easy to forget and appreciate amidst all the work and busy everyday life

Store update, with some new cube child merch.. will be closed in 2 weeks to avoid the Christmas mail rush-- RTs greatly appreciated! ❄️

Summary of new merch/releases also written here:

If anyone could spare 15 mins to half hour and would be willing to fill out a survey for some schoolwork for me, I'd really appreciate it


I think that's why I get pretty frustrated at apps that mess with the consecutive order of things and then plug in extra ads.. something that was otherwise so fluid is being introduced to structure

Do you ever think that your timeline is just a collection of the endless stream of consciousness from a selection of people you subscribed to

That's kinda nice to think about

Good progress on phone homescreen.. probably gonna end up making my own icons from scratch just so it looks more unified instead of weird sizing

It crashes quite often.. wonder if it’s bc I’m in an area w spotty net OTL

Ok I caved and just got mast.. small thing but the interface really plays a role in how much I use the app..

Looks weird since it's not the same framing as when I posted the images o(-<

Oh.. why are all the image previews for pixelfed all zoomed in..

Finally went back to butter baker to try their coffee but realized I covered the er in butter so now it says butt baker 😂💦 mastodon.art/media/R5A_XPHAs9W mastodon.art/media/qM7HGs6o8vu

Ok I already posted the polls on all the social medias but I wanna see what mstdn also thinks— mastodon.art/media/9Alnj19Wlhn

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