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THERES A POdcast called two tims talking oMG LOL @tachyglossa@twitter.com @trickywagon@twitter.com

Feeling slightly more rested and alive compared to the past couple weeks.. will possibly be more active on the interwebs haha

The new komikon thing that’s starting up as a new TO convention clashes with canzine too.. lmao what is so special about that specific weekend..

Work of art @mendystar1@twitter.com @maruti_bitamin@twitter.com @Yuari_Kim@twitter.com

Woah Apple added this on the update

All the wooden chopsticks in my house are bent out of shape bc my mom keeps using them to hold open pot lids when broiling.. )(

Sigh... it took me a good year and a half of conscious effort to keep a regular sleep schedule but one last rush of final assignments and exams have converted me back to 4ams and late mornings 😢

Looking at the mycareerpath tag and sad most people just write retail for a big chunk of their life while they write the full title for the bigger named ones that they’re more proud of.. The small odd jobs were all part of your growth too

The roads... are like frozen over Haha why can’t they cancel 8am exams

This strawberry is huge wtfffff

Was confused what it meant to delete widgets but their new page thing to embed is kinda neat too

Started using a cutting mat and a clip together as a clipboard haha

I showed the TAIKO short to a classmate who asked nonchalantly why I liked it a lot and I couldn't really explain it at the time, outside of "ya I like stories where the single character is discriminated against and then they work hard to make it big"

Sometimes wonder if you can turn off stories from certain people on ig lol..

Seems like you can already modify your notifs so much, might as well add that feature

My sis made beet noodles with ponzu dressing and jfc it’s so good...

The short in LRT makes me so happy omg.. I didn't know I needed that today