I’m in such a better place now, mentally and just overall, and understand there’s so much more to change for the future with a whole lot of work up ahead (especially health wise), but it just feels like a good place to be all things considered

Feeling retrospective and found this old post again— t.co/L2ozijAy0C?amp=1

I honestly can't believe it's been another 4 years since... a lot of hard work and life has definitely changed a lot

I’m getting my iron ring this weekend and I’m pretty excited

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Creative industries are rife with survivorship bias.

Trying to make a living as a creator is a risky proposition. Taking on student loans is a massive gamble. Quitting your job to pursue creating can be disastrous.

Think carefully before you leap without a safety net.


It's fine, you're every bit the same amount of a "real" creator as the person who makes their money from creating.

Money does not legitimize you as a creator.

I finally compiled everything regarding these designs into one post.. It's been a long year of trying and getting things together, but only with not the most perfect results I suppose ^__T;;

Not perfect but guess something came of all the effort (still ongoing though)-- learned a lot and might be more careful with trying such ambitious projects from now on haha;; it's been too much disappointment ><

Store Update patreon.com/posts/25275725

Some new ink mix batches and some seconds pins ;_; Was quite devastated my pins didn't turn out as nicely as I wanted, but more on another post soon-- if you'd like to pick up seconds for a discount:


Gotta get back to the grind and upholding some of my personal standards again >_<)9

it's nice to know there's been so many people that are supporting and looking out for me ;-; I reconnected and talked to a lot of friends the past while, it's been.. really nice and gave me a new sense of self

Been trying to prioritize again lately, I really let myself fall through the cracks for a good couple weeks

Accumulation of all of them in one post! Kinda gives the feeling you get when you see inktober compilations, but I guess this is a lot more colourful haha


Selling the originals to previous ink drops! Figured its around time to see the project to a close since I've just been making mixes for the past while


‪Every time I feel shitty, I put svt’s pinwheel on loop and pull out my sketchbook.. it’s like the wheel just slowly blows all the bad feels away ‬

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