‪Cleaned out all my current pens.. My finger looks bruised but it’s just ink LOL‬

Will be closing my store at the end of this weekend to reset and focus for a bit! Thanks for all the support ❄️🌱 hellotoday.coffee

Bought a clear acrylic tape dispenser during Black Friday last week LOLLLLLL, my damage

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Taking animal crossing commissions!

Starting at $40 for villagers which are for animals only, wearing just a shirt (or just pants?)

or $50 for mayors which can be animals or people in a full outfit, plus the bubble hands, you know the ones

Selfies/pet pics/sona sheets/picrew icons make great visual reference!

Email me at hello@binglinhu.com ☺️

I bought a humidifier for my bf because he kept getting nosebleeds and he sends me this

Says he feels like a wizard all the time now 😂😂😂

For some reason when it gets super snowy and I spend an hour shoveling snow, I start to crave the crispy salty taste of bacon


not traditional but the colours kinda make a nice combo LOL

I've really taken a liking to thinking about film-making and just taking videos.. this is a bit of the excitement I've missed for a long time

As much as the idea aligns with the things I very much like, I am so not a bullet journal-y person

I don't think I work well with thinking of things as tasks!! It takes a lot of time to even think about breaking it down, whereas a lot of the time I just go and do LOL;; having to think about it makes me less likely to do it <>;;

Been sad thinking about friends and people lately.. I wish I was back to 10 years ago me where it was just sharing and excitement instead of being cluttered with the same repetitive stuff day in day out

I was so excited when I saw the colours online because they mix so well w one another and can make so many variations😊🌸

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