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Patreon update..! Rewards will be shipped off this weekend :') patreon.com/posts/19638049

The Holbein Shin-Gansai palettes are so aesthetic..

Did all the Japanese artists cut their contracts w apple music..? ;-; I'm ok w buying the albums to support but sad it isn't part of the subscription anymore

Oooo so many groups are having comebacks.. still feeling lukewarm about one ok rock's new song but p sure I'll end up repeating it for a while LOL


Mom bought back bfast omg blessed 👏🏻

I woke up at 7 but letting myself stay in bed till 10.. what a luxury I haven’t enjoyed in a long while

I keep eating granola bars... the chocolate dipped ones are my recent obsession..

Today feels like an eat instant noodles with a fork kinda day..

Gonna do a flash sale for a couple days of some goody bags and zines bc need to limit how much stuff I’m bringing w me to AX haha.. and it would be nice to help w all the expenses of ordering💦

Also had a good dinn w @maruti_bitamin@twitter.com & @artricahearts@twitter.com I’m so full

Met some good derps today, thanks for letting me drop by and bug you @sheffbrien@twitter.com 😊🌸

24 hours is so little time in a day 😭

I can finally edit my name !!!

I'm still sad LA is so far from San Jose.. I wanted go to Apple Park 😭

I made the decision that I would not longer reprint any of my fanwork and so this year at AX I'll only have original work; I am so nervous haha...;;;;

Made some goody bags 😊