Also bc I find things like this fascinating.. I drew the line work in trad before scanning and colouring it digitally, I love seeing final and original side by side haha

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I forgot to post on here but I did some recent collabs with stickiiclub (sticker subscription website).. I actually really like the quality of the things they produce and the team is so lovely to work with ;-;

If anyone is interested, they can grab these on their website:

I deleted my ig last weekend and also decided to, while still using twitter, completely clear out my following and only keep in touch w those who were interested in being more interpersonal via a priv acc.. _(:'3 / L)_ can't really appeal to or keep reading so many diff people's opinions anymore

Sighs it’s so sad how money has soured Inktober so much much.. but the way it fell by one guy’s decisions is even more sad πŸ˜”

Work week πŸ“‘

used only the colours in the wc palette as a test/experiment, which was p fun

I opened my store recently tho, made some colouring sheets and new wc again, this time with some shiny/shimmer colours :) ✨

Was thinking about ko-fi the past while as a new platform tbh and they were super nice and gave a full ride for gold

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I keep sporadically coming on here and off.. ever since I switched from the main tweet app to no ads or extraneous info it hasn’t been so aggregating to be on

Insta though.. completely diff story lol

:') it's like a darker/more black version of stormy grey.. favourite ink variation in the form of wc

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Trying some a new colour... after some iterations and tests, finally getting the wc to be the right consistency I want it to be at and combination to be the right colour

I bought one of these to make myself drink more water, at least one jug a day lol

It's kinda honking huge but also the right aesthetic heh

I drew on the inner cover of the big sketchbooks and they really are honking huge.... or I got accustomed to drawing smol lol

Also updated with the large (8”x8” vs 5.5”x5.5” reg) Professor Layton sketchbooks 🎩 limited stock β€”

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Store is open for a couple of weeks-- some new square sketchbooks, including one by my friend okapiya@tweet/ig !

I joined the Ferris wheel press Kickstarter.. I don’t need more ink butβ€” ink

I'm gonna miss procreate but I really hate.. screen tablets, my neck dies in the progress

If one day I can project my tablet screen onto a monitor I'll get it again but I just.. it's been four years and I can't hahaha

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