Nude painting 

my challenge was to reproduce the skin color in alaprima, without layers. Allaprima/Wet-on-wet.
Oil/cardboard A4, tl 6h
Model name: Meredith Rose

from site Croquis Café:

More blocking-in with chalk light study for a new . I left the easel unattended for quite some time, it is good to be back at it again :-)

Croquis Cafe just moved from youtube to Vimeo.

If you're not familiar, it's a fantastic life-drawing resource with videos of art models with a variety of body types. If you need reference or just want to polish up your anatomy skills, I can't recommend it enough!

Hello ! I'm a french painter, all new here. Making my first steps to discover Mastodon and the community :)

Here is a study in that I made last week

credits :

putting the vehicles on the scene lol
Its very hard depict this animal...

moving on, at the same time I finish the previous one, I begin to delineate other characters
technic oil on canvas grisaille

preliminary study Grisaille directly in oil. It will have many modifications yet.
I can't follow the pencil sketch !!!

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