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Hello,! That's right, an post from a 2 year old account, I've used Mastodon for a couple of years now, shopped around for instances when I first joined, never ended up using this specific account, but now I am!

I make music, mostly guitar stuff these days, but I have a sizeable amount of electronic/video game soundtrack-esque writing under my belt, too.

I play guitar family instruments mostly, but I moonlight as a flute player. Thanks for having me!

When I was staining that piece of wood for my pedal board I think I ruined paper as an ink medium for myself, painting on wood ruled. I wonder if I can get wood panels to ink on 🤔

Playing around with using samples in my music more, Macaulay Library ML15073 is a field recording of the now-extinct Dusky Seaside Sparrow from the late 50s

horror-y, scary hands 

Increasing to spooky factor 9, captain

Did they release Win11 just to save face after it leaked? This doesn't actually sound like a complete operating system, it feels like a weird public soft launch.

food, smoking 

Trying to get my drawing legs back under me after a couple of years of not, filling canvases with fruit and moody smokers.

Time to paint vaguely spooky things to knock the rust off.

joking about gender stuff 

I'll be referring to the whole "so we can't say 'woman' anymore, huh?🙄 " objection as a strawmxn argument from now on, thanks

Taking a long sample and playing it with short note durations in MIDI then automating the start offset in Sampler over the course of a song is a fun way to get some texture variation basically for free.

interesting body problem, weight talk 

Oops I lost 40 pounds and now my tailbone hurts when I sit on hard surfaces again : (


I've always liked dill relish in my egg salad, and I just had the big brain idea to make a quick pickled onion and carrot relish to go in in addition to a few small diced pickles, and if I do say so myself, I Am A Goddamn Genius.

grousing about the mail 

First package I have get lost in years and it's someone's birthday present : (

Prowling Through Hell: Bookends of The Beast; a mashup of track 1 on Maiden's debut album and the last track off their most recent.

This is not a thing that exists, but I wish it was.

food, alcohol 

Alcohol is not my thing, which is unfortunate since I really like ferments, and just the general idea of mead and mulled wine sounds delicious, and I hated kombucha so bad so it's not something I can use to scratch the "fun drink" itch.

only the most oblique and meaningless Deltarune spoilers 

Apropos of no little video game man in particular, please

step right up.

I think my flute really needs new pads, I'd be replacing them myself, since if I had the money to have someone else do it I would just buy a whole new flute. Replacement pads don't look very expensive, but I know it's a notoriously expensive job to have done, so I guess I'll spend some time today figuring out why that is.

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... unfortunately flute is what I'm most out of practice on, ha

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