Was not into it at all tonight so here is just a little quickie just to say that I draw today ^^
But hey. I followed a theme.
Inspired by someone I saw the other day. They had a way better looking face, don't mind me.

I'm pissed at my tape ripping off my waterpainting paper.

Anyway, here is my for tonight
//Hidden for potential arachnophobia trigger//

Ink and waterpainting on A4

Wasn't that much inspired, wanted to draw an owl, found myself quite fascinated with their head angle and so...
There we are.

Not An Owl - A5

I forced myself to some street observation. Here we go, in my travel book.

I went directly full ink, no pencil sketching.

Explicit drawing inktober : suicide 

It's still wet and GOSH I need blue ink, how can I not have the trans flag colours in ink + that's my favourite contrast ever.

But well.
Queer kiss on the back of what used to be my waterpainting spiral book, to not throw away some painting support

Well this is my OC that have been around in my head for a few days now with their coffee.
Also this is way more difficult for me than expected (doubled my respect for OC artists like @Mirima)
But I can see why this is addictive and will definitely do more :D

Ink, acrylic, and alcohol pens on A5 paper

//Hidden for gore/horror//

Just got that out my desk, it is still available for 30€

There will be no prints of it, and it is an A5 original ink and watercolour

Here is tonight's inktober for me.
I still go without the themes for now

Done on A3 paper
Available for 80€ + shipping cost

Well here is my badly realised gouache. Wanted to try something I barely ever touched in my life (once or twice)

A4 gouache and white inked pen

Not priced yet

Thanks @robin for the furniture (gouache). In love with this pink.

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