Possibly trypophobia inducing : mental health, inktober 

When I decided I'd do my inktober, at least most of it on mental health, it was because of my firsts sketches last month.
I went from good to terribly insecure, anxious, persuaded I couldn't draw anything and would never get anywhere.
It was as if I was stared at by the most judgy pair of eyes, while it made me totally blind to rationality.

Here is my anxiety.

First time with gold

Possibly trypophobia inducing : mental health, inktober #2 

Second sketch came to life next to the first while I was each inch of myself, judging myself, giving me no rest, no rationality. All eyes on me

- For sale at 40, delivery costs included if buying from France.

Body horror, heavy pattern: mental health, inktober #3 

I am lucky enough my anorexia is not that strong so I recover before it gets too bad each time.
Take care, ED survivors 💚

Selling price 40€, delivery included for France

Heavy pattern: depersonalization, mental health, inktober #4 

About depersonalization, feeling off about being real at all, away from yourself

Selling price at 30€, free shipping to France

Bipolarity type 2, mental health, inktober #5 

There is a whole spectrum about bipolarity. Mine is type 2, which means my maniac episodes are pretty rare and not that much of a high as for others. It also means I got the get depressed most of the time.
Leaving you with that:

My wings are broken
As broken hopes
And failed attempts
Fill up my memories

Dissociation, mental health, inktober #6 

Sometimes that's just how I am and how I feel, literally.

Available at 30€, delivery included to France

Bipolar type 1, mental health, inktober #7 

About bipolar type 1, mental disorder which has lots of manic episodes, and not always depressive ones.

Available at 35€, shipping to France included, shipping internationally possible

Age regression, mental health, inktober #8 

People can experience age regression willingly to handle stress or as a trauma response, which means acting younger than their age (not necessarily childishly). You can also see age regression behavior when people have DID or OSDD when they have littles for example. In this case you see it as such but littles are just being themselves: young.

Child abuse, mental health, inktober #9 

3/4 children age 2-4 yo regularly mistreated by parents or caregivers worldwide - WHO

Insomniac, inktober #11 

Insomniac, one of my favorites

- For sale at 40€, free shipping to France

Something?, inktober #12 

Well, it was supposed to be about hypersomnia, I guess it can be for many things now. Depression. Attention disorder. Chronic fatigue. Phasmophobia. Sleep disorders. Psychosis.

- details in the picture description
- for sale at 40€ free shipping to France


Happy pills.
Cried during this don't yesterday and I put the tears on the drawing (weren't supposed to be there)

For sale at 30€ free delivery to France

Scars, inktober 15 

Heal your wounds

For sale at 30€, free delivery to France, shipping internationally

I've decided I won't do more inktober than already done.

Just so you know: if any of those inspired you to ask for a commission, please do

If any of those caught your interest, know they are all for sale

If you want to support me, I also have a paypal on my profile!

Helps to eat, pay rent, feed my baby love of a cat, and pay my classes or furniture so I can do more art projects (like bodypainting and stuff)

Thank you for sharing, thank you for supporting my work ~

EDIT: sorry!

Scars, inktober 15 

@dustyqueersheep han le mouvement, j'ai l'impression que cette personne fait de la magie !

Scars, inktober 15 

@shad @dustyqueersheep ouiii !

(C'est la magie de la guérison, la légende raconte que quand on a heal tous ses traumas on devient avatar, maitre des 4 éléments... ou alors c'est ce que je voudrais imaginer. sûrement cette deuxième option).

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